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  1.  Great game, but beware disc reading error.


    Worth buying for Metroid Prime 1..A true classic!
    All three games are totally immersive and the new control method feels really natural.
    A word of warning...People with a first generation/launch console (as I have), may receive an "Unable to read disc" message. This is due to the lens struggling to read multi-layered discs such as this.
    You could return the console to Nintendo, who will replace the lens free of charge (takes about seven days they say), or you could try the following method; On the Wii Menu disc channel you will see a picture of a disc (as it is unable to decipher the data)..Press the HOME button on the Wiimote and choose "Wii Menu"...The screen will go black for a second as it re-loads..,When Menu re-appears there should now be a graphic in the Disc channel showing the Metroid Prime Trilogy disc has now loaded...
    A definite 10/10 game, but 0/10 for Nintendo for failing to mention this after giving it the "Nintendo seal of approval"

  2.  Incredible Melodic Rock/Metal.


    Any TNT fans who are disillusioned with the slight change of direction will love this. Tony Harnell has written and produced all of these songs with the help of Guitarist/Keyboard player extroardinaire Magnus Karlsson.
    Overall a better CD than the first Starbreaker album. This is an AOR fans delight with the usual incredible melodic and unique voice of Tony Harnell, great guitar and really tight rhythm section.
    At times this reminds me of Def Leppard at their peak. The songs are superb, all with great melody and hooks and will embed themselves in your brain after a few plays through. The production is really punchy and this has quite a raw sound for a genre that is usually overproduced.
    No fillers here. All tracks are here on merit. Standouts for me are "End of Alone" the title track, "Unknown superstar and the ballad "Hello are you listening?"
    Not much left to say really other than this is highly recommended for fans of the above mentioned bands and melodic rock fans who like it with a harder edge. Dont let this be another overlooked classic!

  3.  Beware..This is like a poor PS2 game.


    This has to be the worst game I have played on the 360 since launch. Firstly, I only made it to the end of the Third episode and have become fed up with the poor controls and dodgy camera and will be trading this in ASAP.
    This reminds me so much of Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness (the crap one). Remember the buildings where you are lining every move up and constantly fighting the camera?
    In my opinion the in game graphics are poor except for the fire effects. The cutscenes are amazing though. The inventory is terribly fiddly and especially unrealistic in the midst of a fight, as it pauses while you open your coat and equip/unequip an item.
    The combat is slow and ponderous as you pick up an item using A, and lock on using left trigger. You then swing said item with the right stick in a rather haphazard way. Once the zombie like enemies fall you have to drop item using A , grab body using A then drag to a fire to set it aflame. This method of setting body alight is the only way it can be destroyed. Sometimes the body will recover as you go to pick it up and you start the combat over again. This is a terrible game mechanic that becomes stale very quickly.
    There are weapons but limited ammunition and you need to switch to first person before you find any accuracy.
    There are a few innovations such as when your sight starts to blur, you have to click the right stick afew times (and keep clicking) to clear it, but this becomes annoying and distracting.
    For anyone expecting a Resident Evil or Silent Hill slick style scary survival horror, you will be left disappointed.

  4.  Gamers will cry...with frustration!


    An immensely frustrating game!...You're only able to save in between missions so if you have to stop for any reason (sometimes you are just fed up with the repetetiveness, or the attempting of a series of jumps for the thirtieth time and failing again)..its back to the start of the mission again next time you play. You will fail many times, but unfortunately it feels as though the game mechanics is to blame a lot of the time, unlike for instance in Ninja Gaiden where your precision is rewarded.
    This is a game made by sadists for masochists..Steer clear if easily frustrated !!

  5.  Be patient..This game is worth the effort!


    I was put off by poor reviews for this originally, but as a fan of FPS decided to give it a try. It took a while to get used to, but it was worth the effort. The opening levels are pretty basic but persist and the gameplay changes after about 2 hours. Ross your character dies and has the ability to inhabit the body of any of your six comrades, each with different artillery and they each have two special powers on LB and RB. Familiarising yourself with each character and abilities/weapons is the key to really enjoying this game.
    There is no jump button, which is strange at first and it is a pretty linear game, but it is quite different from alot of other FPS. Although Clive Barker has written the script, this is not a scary game in the way of a Silent Hill or Project Zero, but it is quite graphically horrific. This is enhanced by the dark graphics (you will almost always be using your torch) with lots of slimy, gory textures of which the XBOX 360 does really well.
    You will spend a lot of time chasing around healing your colleagues as they succumb to ferocious attacks (by pressing A as prompted) because your game is only OVER when all squad members are down. You have the option to order your squad around by using the D pad, but I found this wasnt really useful that often.
    In summary, a lot of so called experts had savaged this game, but this is for people who are prepared to be a bit patient at the start and who are open to something a bit different to whats gone before. Hopeful for Jericho 2!

  6.  Great concept..but very repetetive.


    Firstly the concept is brilliant and original. You are involved in an experiment and are in a futuristic lab lying on a machine with two scientists explaining about reading "Genetic memories".
    You then play these memories out as an assassin in three cities (four if you include the assassin bureaus headquarters) in 12th century middle east.
    The problem is that as a different part of each city opens up as you progress to different assassinations, repetition becomes the games worst enemy. Each area is similar. Each city is similar. There are a series of tasks to do in each area, but theyre all exactly the same. Save citizen, pickpocket, intimidate witness, collect flags against the clock etc. The fighting is also simplistic and quickly becomes tiresome. The saving grace is you dont have to complete them all.
    Its the concept that ultimately holds this game together. After each series of assassinations you find yourself awoken in this futuristic lab and this reminds you of whats really happening. Graphics are superb, but are very limited in terms of interaction.
    Theres a great game in here trying to get out, hopefully it will be realised in AC2.

  7.  This is SCI-FI At its best.


    Firstly, this will take you many hours to get the most from it. So if you liked "Knights of the Old Republic" and "Jade Empire", you'll have some idea what to expect.
    This is the next step up, and its quite some step.
    After an initial mission on Eden Prime, you arrive at a huge space Citadel and the RPG elements familiar to those in the aforementioned games kick in. All the dialogue is voiced superbly, and branching stories and missions depending on your stats kick in.
    For gamers into astronomy this is literally heaven. You can travel to many Star systems and land on numerous planets, survey elements and recover mysterious artifacts as well as completing sub-missions. The planets are beautifully imagined, with glorious vistas containing Binary suns, Planets etc. The attention to detail is breathtaking.
    Unlike TES Oblivion, you never lose sight of your main objectives, and I personally found this game beautifully paced and the story engrossing.
    Like KOTOR, you gain an empathy with your main character and squad members with whom you interact.
    A lot of people have mentioned glitches with this game and there is a small amount of slowdown due to the RPG probability calculations, and certain sections of your MAKO exploration vehicle when the camera goes a bit haywire, but these are miniscule and not really a problem.
    The menu or Mission computer is very well designed and easy to use.
    If you liked the previous mentioned games on the XBOX or are really into the concept of future space exploration, this game is a must buy. If you want to get lost in a more adult RPG, again I would recommend this without hesitation.



    From beginning to end, this game is just so impressive and will have your heart racing on many occasions, such as fighting against seemingly insurmountable odds waiting for that damn chopper to get to the extraction point!
    Having played COD 1 & 2, I wasnt expecting too much from this (the controls are similar, the graphics even though incredible are similar). What they have done, is set the game in a Tom Clancy style modern warfare arena, with a topical and believeable scenario.
    This time around, the levels are really varied, you're never bored by repetition (as in 1 & 2 ). My favourite is the 15 years ago flashback level, "All Gillied up", where you as a young SAS recruit enter Chernobyl just after the disaster there with your sergeant (I think), in an incredible stealth mission, but I wont spoil it with any more details (just watch out for the dogs!!).
    This is right up there with the best ever FPSs in every department, and I would recommend this without hesitation to all fans of the genre.

  9.  Best ever console..(If it was reliable).


    I had my XBOX 360 from launch for a year and eight months before I got the three red lights. I phoned MS, they collected it and returned a brand new console (minus original HDD, which you remove prior to them collecting). This took 3 and 1/2 weeks. If it had not been for the unreliability I would have awarded 5 stars.
    Graphics are superb!..Water and smoke effects have to be seen to be believed. I also own a PS3 and at the moment I would say this has a slight edge due to more impressive texture rendering(although its a close call)
    There are some fantastic games in all genres. I really enjoyed..Prey (FPS). Oblivion (amazing RPG), PGR4 (Racing), Halo 3 (FPS)
    The gamepad is excellent..It feels solid, accurate and easy to use. It is of course wireless and uses 2 AA batteries. I would purchase the rechargeable battery though (£9.99), as its well worth it.
    The online capability is top notch. (You need the Gold membership though to play games). It is supremely well designed, using a straitforward blade menu for each category. Marketplace is fantastic with up to date game demos to download free, and a range of "Arcade" style full games to purchase. Videos are also available. Most of which are free. If it wasn't for the reliability problem, I would say that this is the best games console ever..Microsoft are now repairing the Red light problem under a three year extended warranty, but I would still advise you to purchase with a separate insurance policy if possible, for added peace of mind.

  10.  Wheres the decent games?


    Firstly, I believe this console has had a lot of over zealous praise heaped upon it, which when you look at it impartially just isnt warranted. I have had one of these since release last November. I purchased it with Zelda and after a slow start, really enjoyed this game. Since then, the games that are ported from more the powerful next gen consoles (FIFA etc) and even Last gen,(SSX etc) have been awful. The control method of basically pointing a TV remote at the screen and wiggling it is just so fiddly in the majority of games when used in conjunction with the nunchuk.
    The whole thing seems to be designed as a gimmick to appeal to kiddies and child minded adults.
    Its basically the Gamecube over again with the above and an online capability that isnt very good compared to the PS3 and 360.
    Just like the Gamecube, there are very few decent games being released. I was really looking forward to Metroid Prime 3, but this has proved a disappointment. In summary, if you like the Nintendo sports sims (which just uses the remote, but there arent many of even these), and endless variations of Mario games, this will be worth purchasing. If, however you are a serious teen/adult gamer, I would leave this well alone and buy a PS3 or a 360. Sorry but I think its well overrated.