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  1.  Good debut novel, a classic- not sure..


    The next big thing to hit the cinemas and the world so they say. Not quite sure it has the Harry Potter or the Twilight appeal. However this is a good book, original which is quite hard to be. Once in a while a book like this comes along and you just need to read it to have your own opinion on what it's all about.

  2.  Excellent.


    This was a great read, funny, well written and easy to read through.I really enjoyed this short school book and I'm not surprised this is being developed into a fully scale film or Trilogy of films.

  3.  Loved this book.


    A Great read, finally the Myron and Win story line actually goes somewhere a significant development in the plot and one that breathes some new life into the mix.

  4.  A good read.


    I really enjoyed this book, easy to get stuck into and a plot which keeps you wanting to read on. For me it doesn't quite get to the heights that other reviewers state. Its not an all time classic, this is a very good novel but one that simply a good read.

  5.  Good read.


    A good read for a book in this genre. Sometimes the character relationships arent as easy to follow as perhaps they could have been. I would recommend this as an enjoyable read, easy read. I will be reading the follow up novel.

  6.  As Good as Too Close to Home


    I agree with the other review, this is a really good read, not his best book but as good as the second novel Too Close to Home. If we ignore his earlier work.

    His books just seem to strike a cord with me and I got lost reading this book into the early hours- I just could not put it down.

  7.  Good read.


    12 short stories finishing on a cliff hanger, literally. A good read and a decent selection of short stories, although not quite long enough to really form a good plot.

  8.  Great read


    Really enjoyed this early work by Connelly. As the book the follows The Poet, it doesn't quite live up to the later which I believe to be the best book by the author.

    Although great plot line and one that I've not seen in a book of this genre. Really worth a read and very much enjoyed.

  9.  Just a little disappointed.


    I really like that Grisham has brought us a series of books for the younger reader. I really liked the first book, despite a weak storyline. Just disappointed that this one is equally as slow as the first book. I enjoyed it, it reads well, but left me feeling like having read half a book and missed the ending. A shame as this series has legs and I will keep reading.

  10.  Fantastic read


    A breathtaking story of one mans journey for the truth, a heart stopping encounter of a solider who goes beyond the call of duty to save another mans life. I was hooked on this book, a slow start for a few chapters abut once the story develops it really begins and becomes engorsing.