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  1. SAW



    5 New from  £25.51  Free delivery



    This game is actually quite good. If you like SAW, survival horror and puzzles than this is the game for you. The puzzles are excellent and very refreshing. The sound of the game is also well done.

    Two things are not so good:
    - Combat (however you will not have to fight a lot so not really a problem)
    - Repetitive. The puzzles are nice but unfortunately the same after a while.

    But still a nice game. It's surprised me and I played it till the end.

  2.  Is this a PSP essential?


    Great game!
    But a question: Is this game a part of the PSP Essential series?

  3.  Heartbreaking


    This is the (fictional) story about a siamese twin. Excellent songs for the most part. Overall worth 5 stars with ease.
    The opening song is brillant!

  4.  Boring


    The worst Supertramp album ever. I do not think it is possible for them to produce something more worse. However the title song is really really catchy... but the rest of the songs... pffff.... they are an embarrasment. Boring to the extreem. What was Rick Davies thinking?

  5.  Dissapointment


    After the surprisingly excellent Brother Where You Bound the expectations were very high for this album. It turns out to be a major letdown. Three things are good about this album:
    - Album sleeve;
    - Sound;
    - The last song (very good indeed)

    Why Supertramp did not continue with the sound of BWYB is a big mistery for me.

  6.  Surprisingly good


    To be honest I did not expect it anymore. After the last two poor albums (especially Reformation) I believed MES had lost it. I was wrong!
    'Future Clutter' is full of energy, tunes, smearing and surprises. MES is 50something, but all young musicians should be jealous of him. He is their father, son and holy.... haha LOL
    The album deserves 5 stars, but because it's The Fall I give 4. Reason: They made better albums in the past. The Fall standard is extremely high.
    Bravo. My favourite band is back. :)

  7.  Solid


    Two Tomb Raider games for a very low price. A must buy. The games are very good, pretty graphics, beautiful levels and a lot of puzzles. The gameplay could be better, but for this price I cannot complain. :)

  8.  Stylish


    For this price a must-buy. The book has got an hard-cover, contains beautifull art and interviews with the makers. Nicely done!

  9.  Awesome


    I did not expect it, but this game is very good. All other reviews want to make clear that the Werehog levels are awfull, but I do not agree. Nevertheless the sonic levels are really awesome and that's the reason why I give this game 5 stars. Sonic is one of a kind because it's a mixure of racing and platforming. I love this game!

  10.  Awesome!!


    Supertramp stands for high quality which you can hear on this terrific CD. From 1987 it al went downhill unfortunately. I miss three songs on this:
    - Brother Where You Bound
    - Better Days
    - Slow Motion

    However a must buy!