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  1.  excellent album


    i really enjoyed the very first manic street preachers album,and theres not one song that i dislike,and ive been a manic fan ever since,so im going to purchase the signed cd,and im glad i can find another signed manics cd on play.com,and its one of my fave sited to get good bargains from,and i hope the manics will return with a fresh new album.
    another album i like is gold against the soul,and another classic manics album wich i really enjoyed listening to,and i hope they release more 10th anniversary cds in the near future.
    long live the manic street preachers.

  2.  ecellent film from start to finish


    just saw this fild on sky tv,and man was this excellent,as ive never seen it before,so i just watched from begining to the very end,and the actiong is excellent and the film plot is extreme and also the shooting by john travoltar is spot on,as he shoots more bad guys in this film than ive even seen before.
    and its a must buy.

  3.  excellent t shirt


    cool print to front and back of the t-shirt,but size a bit to big,as im a large size in all t shirts,and this it slightly of the big size,so my advise wil be to go a size smaller,as i size karge is more of a xl size,so size medium is more of a large size.

  4.  GOOD GIG


    Good gig,but its only spoilt by the show time logo wich is being shown throught the whole concert,so u have to use the zoom button in order for the logo to disapear from the screen,but the concert itself is of excellent sound and qiality,but i just dont like the logo being show all the way through the concert itself,and that spoils it a bit.



    clearally aerosmith have had a thew greatest hits compliation cds in the past,and most have also included the same tunes on them,and why cant they release another live album with live tracks on it,as they havet relased that many live albums at all,as i wanted to know what they sounded like as when they play live,as to many band relased so called greatest hits album wich come with the exact same songs on them as their previous greatest hits cds.
    so there u have it.

  6.  not that scarry


    in this remarke,a different actor takes the lead role as freddy krueger.
    and i think that the original versions and the follows up wher far more scarrier than this remake.
    as i saw this one on sky horror/scifi channel,and its just not that scarry enough fro me.



    What can i say,but a excellent album,as i had this on cassette format some time agao,and the whole album is just brilliant,and cant wait to get it on cd,as it was one of the favourate albums of all time.



    I bought two of these caps for myself,as i thought they would be round peek as in the picture itself,but when they arrived i noticed that i was sent flat peek ones instaed of the ones as show in the picture wich had round peeks on them,so i had to send them back,and i was only refunded half the value of the original price which i payed for each one wich was five found each,and i only got refunded two pounds and twenty eight pence,as they took the returns postage cost of the actual price,as i told them that they were unsuitable,so the actuall picture shows a round peek,but why was i sent a plat peek cap instead of the ones as whow in the picture itself,very strange if u ask me.



    What a histerical version,coudlt stop myself from laughing and the funny parts,what a film,and a excellent role for jack black himself.
    This film is very funny,so it get five starts fro me,as ive seen it myself.



    What can i say,cant stop listerning to this cd,and it absolutly fabulous,and tajas voice is simply amazing,and my fav song has to be phontom of the opera,and its like a mix of opera and rock all in one,and its like gothic rock.
    And you wont be disapointed with this almum at all.