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    Duke is back and better then ever.

    If people have played the old school Duke Nukem's then you know what to expect and that is a game thats not designed to make you go WOW! or think THAT WAS AMAZING! but a game thats comedy value that has no point to it except aliens take over kidnap women you rescue women whilst at same time saving the world thats been all the Duke Nukem games in a nut shell none have ever been amazing but funny as hell just like this one.

    The graphics are rendered really well and the first time Duke has experianced the 7th gen console look the graphics are similar to Fallout.

    One thing I agree with is the Loading time is a joke and takes forever to install on the PS3 and to load time between chapters take forever as well hense why I only gave it 4 stars.

  2.  Great Sound and comfortable


    These are the very first Headphones I have purchased my reason for Headphones oppose to earphones not only because I feel you get a better sound but also the fact that earphones have a tendancy to hurt my ears.

    I bought these with a complete gamble on my part as many other headphones from Skullcandy had many reviews on here but I thought to give these a try and I don't regret it, I recieved my headphones today and when trying them out the sound was perfect with a nice bass which was expected really but what really took me by surprise was the comfort the hesh headphones really do fit snug and causes no discomfort what so ever.

    For 17.99 they really are a steal. Great Headphones.

  3.  My top 5 OF WORST FILMS EVER!!


    This film was a joke and I don't mean haha I mean I can't believe I wasted £7.50 on a cinema ticket for this garbage. I'm not sure if this was to be scary or if they meant it to be funny and the thing that was probably funny about it was the poor acting involved with this film. Everyone in the cinema were laughing the whole way then after the film I over heard a bunch of 15yr old's saying how poor the film was. The only reason I gave this a 1 star was because a 0 wasn't an option.

  4.  HI-DEF, CGI and FANTASY at its finest


    I heard about this film from a mate at work as we share the same film interest. I rarely buy dvd's without seeing the film first but having never heard of this film or seen it about on sky tv and refusing to download i had no choice but to buy it on dvd so obviously having recently acquiring a hd-tv with the power of my ps3 i was drawn into buying blu-ray. I received it today and watched it and i was blown away subtitled films never bothered me picture was clear and the film was amazing i had doubts the blu-ray would ruin the cgi but you can't tell at all. This isn't the goriest film i've seen but still pretty violent as its set in 1944 after the spanish civil war but giving it a 15 rating was pretty soft i would of given it a 18.perfect film 10 stars.

    This film is not for children!!!

  5.  RPG at its best


    I'm a HUGE fan of the Final Fantasy series and this is the closest ya going to get to Final Fantasy the same creators and the same style of turn base fighting. I was surprised to see 4 disks when I received my copy as I haven't seen a for disk game since the Playstation one.

    I can imagine its 4 disks because of the use of CGI and the length of the story I'm on disk 4 which only means I'm close to the end which I was disappointed by as the game has been really enjoyable to play.

    10 Stars


  6.  Book is better


    I was really excited to see this film as I was just near the end of the book. As soon as the film was released I jumped at the opportunity to go see. All I can say is that maybe my high expectations (after reading the book) the film failed to get me going the action was limitless and Robert Neville's character was nothing of what was told in the book.

    My suggestion buy the book as it is 10x better than the film.