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  1.  A must have simple as that!


    I have to agree with the other reviews on here this cd id just fantastic. I discovered this band years ago while i was in Canada and it still sounds as good as it did nearly 15 years on. I've also had to buy a few copies as i've let friends borrow them and never seen them again...never a chore to purchase it again though, i would'nt be without a copy.

  2.  Beautiful!


    This cd is so beautiful parts of it find me conducting the orchestra with my eyes closed(without drink may i add).Just a great listen from start to finish, the elbow production is evident although take nothing away from these guys, they are talented in there owns right, their last cd proves that!

  3.  Just as good as the first!


    Have to say i was a bit let down by the 2nd album these guys put out considering their first cd was the baes of it's year and a total belter in my opinion but this cd could match hats off to the buskers, the lyrics are smart and funny and the music is amazing, think they might be growning up....not! Seen them in Belfast last week and they blew the roof off...the view are on fire!

  4.  Fantastic change from the mundane!


    To start with nobody wants a new libby's CD like me so bearing that in mind when i heard about this album i was excited thinking it would be that kind of thing, boy was i wrong but for once i was glad i was!
    I am totally loving this style from Carlos, it's almost like you are watching a theatrical hand puppet show of epic proportions, the tracks are so dramatic that they just take you there, the strings are magnificent and Carl's voice is so gentlemanly it's as if someone from aristocratic surroundings is singing....buy this and you'll see another very talented side to Mr Barat....top marks!

  5.  The Manics are back with a bang!


    Where do i start,ok so i've been a manics fan from the start,went through the heavy rock phase and continued onto the softer stuff and through the heavyish stuff again and i have to say this album is the best from them since "This is my truth tell me yours". This CD deserves heaps and heaps of praise as in my opinion it's by far the best out there at the minute, a complete masterpiece and as the other guy said, music need the manics right now!

  6.  Fantastic summer's day cd!


    I was told about this band at xmas from a friend of mine so thought i'd check it out and boy am i happy i did..what a great album from start to finish. The tunes on this cd make you wanna go grab a case of beer and sit in the sunshine with a few mates..stand out tracks for me are Undercover Martyn, eat that up it's good for you and the fantastic ciggaretes in the theatre..go buy this..it'll brighten up your day for sure!

  7.  Put's a great big smile on your face!


    I got this CD after hearing song away which i thought sounded a bit travelling wilbury's and certainly a tom petty influence but the album is very diverse in my opinion and if like me you like a bit of everything then this is for you! Im loving it at the minute and have just got tickets to go and see them in Belfast which im really looking forward to. Stand out tracks for me would be Four Holy Photo,s and wanna be black. Buy this cd...it'll brighten up your life!

  8.  Hidden gem!


    I,d never heard of these guys before but heard a track at the end of a tv show and thought i,d check them out and i was,nt dissapionted, this album is fantastic and i can,t stop listenin to it.
    If you love your tunes buy this and give your ears a treat...5 stars!

  9.  Best thing on tv


    This show is fantastic from start to finish, clear the diary and shut the blinds,turn off the phone and prepare to be entertained. You have to keep reminding yourself it,s true life, i live in northern ireland and this country had it,s problems but goodness me this is crazy.
    Do not miss this show!
    Great cast to by the way...

  10.  Fantastic


    Now i don,t know what cd these guy,s were listening to but this cd is a fantastic listen, do bear in mind it,s only a side-project but given that it,s a very good one.
    In my mind throughout the album if you close your eye,s it,s like being in a corny western only with very good horse riding tracks and such like.
    I,d recommend it to anyone and if you like different sounds and great strings it,s for you!