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  1.  Quality Series - Finally Getting The Release In Deserves


    7 Superb episodes (including the Xmas Special - SAILING)
    Loving the new cover art.

  2. Sweet 7

    Sweet 7

    Sugababes - CD

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     Best Album - Great New Sound for a New Lineup


    I have been a Sugababes fan since the beginning, through the tantrums, change of music and of course, change on lineup. Now even though "Sugababes" is now just a name, and the sound very different, I was still a constant fan and enjoying each new album more as the last one. Here is my review of the album (featuring Jade's Vocals):

    1. Get Sexy - very different to the one released with Keisha. Jade's vocals are more breathy but on a whole, very good opener. 8/10
    2. Wear My Kiss - Nice little dance number, the beats and lyrics are superb, and is instantly catchy. 10/10
    3. About A Girl - The only bit that I dislike about this song is the "Red One, Sugababes" bit but on a whole the vocals are great, the beats are superb, and will have you dancing around your room. 9/10
    4. Wait For You - Starts of slowly but once the chorus hits, another great song, with beats that would sound superb in a club.9/10
    5. Thank You For The Heartbreak - this song is a triumpt, has a very 80's disco feel to it, and another catchy song .9/10
    6. Miss Everything - Sugababes, Sean Kingston - to be fair, the worse song on the album. 3/10
    7. She's A Mess - this has divided a few people, but the electric type vocals help this song deliver the goods, A song thats grows on you. 8/10
    8. Give It To Me Now - loved it. 10/10
    9. Crash N Burn - A nice little number, with some good beats and lyrics. 8/10
    10. No More You - A good song, although not the best, vocals sound very good, but the song is not on par with the rest of the album 7/10
    11. Sweet & Amazing (Make It The Best) - my favourite, starts of like a real balled, but has an edgier sound behind it. 10/10
    12. Little Miss Perfect - Great song, but is a balled and to slow to end the song on. Should have been number 6 or 7. But hey, great slow balled. 9/10

    Overall, this new lineup have a great new album on the way. Enjoy guys.

  3.  One Word - Amazing - Best Album Yet


    Here is my breakdown:

    1) Girls - Not a fan of covers - but voices are brilliant 7/10
    2) You On A Good Day - Mid tempo - but brilliant dance track 9/10
    3) No Can Do - Potential 2nd Single. Fast paced, great lyrics and voices 9/10
    4)Hanging On A Star - Cheesy lyrics but superbly put together.Another potential single - catchy chorus 9/10
    5)Side Chick - Kinda in the same league as OPEN THE DOOR but better. 8/10
    6) Unbreakble Heart - Another GREAT song. Starts slow then goes into a great dancy chorus. Part ballad part dance tune - wicked 9.5/10
    7) Sunday Rain - the only bad song on the album - doesn't gel right 4/10
    8) Every Heart Broken - SUGABABES BEST SONG YET (my own opinion) lyric wise superb, voices, superb, chorus absolutley wicked. 10/10
    9) Beware - Nice track - kinda like EASY - but fits in with the new album sound. 8/10
    10) Nothing's As Good As You - Another catchy song - brilliantly put together 9/10
    11) Sound Of Goodbye - Nice ballad, sad and moving.Great chorus - potenial single (like all the others) 9/10
    12) Can We Call A Truce - Nice song, on same lines as Undiginified. 8/10
    13) About You Now (Acoustic) - One Word - AMAZING. Its like this version and the single of this are two different songs.9.5/10
    14) She's Like A Star - not bad way to end album - something to dance to. 8/10

    Buy this album - its truly a great sixth album - the girls have produced an album that truly knocks the socks of the others/

  4.  It Was Good - Not Great,


    Not a bad film - good, action paced - but too much happened, it was overlong - and should noway be rated a 12. 15 would have been much more appropriate. Go see it find out the fuss and leave your mind at the door.

  5.  Not Bad


    While this was critically panned and a flop - if you forget that this was advertised as a supernatural horror, you might be able to have fun with this. I did. It was interesting, you got to know SMG's character deeply and it was a film with a twist and definately worth a watch alone.