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  1.  David Bowie Ziggy Stardust


    No album before or since has captured teenage angst as well as Bowie has here,Mick Ronson's solos are surely some of the greatest ever put to vinyl.Not one second is wasted here but go for the Costly Disc editions which include the fab Sweet Head,surely the best Bowie song not to make the final cut.
    I've been listening to this for nearly 30 years and not that much has come close.Every home (and teenager) should have one,the EMO kids would love it (and see where all those EMO bands get it from),
    Truly essential.

  2. Outside


    David Bowie - CD

    18 New from  £4.82  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £5.00

     David Bowie 1.Outside


    An odd Bowie album this one,one of Bowie's finest vocal performances and some of his strongest songs of the 90's (The Motel stands up to anything Mr B has done) hidden away in a CD that is way too long,remote and goes out of it's way not to endear itself to the first time listener,but,what would you change about this album?
    I think Bowie could have easily have chopped this album up and made it a huge commercial success but chose art over chart tart which is a bit of a shame as some of his best 90's songs did get a bit lost in the chin stroking.
    Anyone listening to Outside for the first time will be baffled with it,but stick with it and you will be richly rewarded.
    Radiohead tried the same trick later on in the 90's and early 00's but forgot to put songs on their albums,not something Bowie was daft enough to do.

  3.  Elton John


    This is surely the best Elton John album,not one second is wasted,every song draws you in.
    If you only know Elton John through the constant playing of the same 3 or 4 songs in constant rotation on Bland FM stations all over the world do yourself a favour,buy this,put in on full volume and realise what a magnificent artist Elton John is.
    Really an album Elton should revisit and do in one go,even if it's only on DVD and not a tour.
    Elton John lives near me,if I see him down the pub (bet he'd be good at the music quiz) I'll ask him.

  4. Low


    David Bowie - CD

    22 New from  £6.52  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.33

     David Bowie Low


    If this was released today it would still sound ahead of it's time.
    Truly the finest drum and bass sound on any album, this incredible Bowie album really has never been equalled.A blueprint for the decades to come for so many mediocre copycats this really is an album that repays repeated listening,put it in your IPOD and take a late night walk around the City of London,you'll never put up with Coldplay again.

  5. Tonight


    David Bowie - CD

    Available  used  from  £25.00

     David Bowie Tonight


    Looking back 20 years it really is incredible how Bowie could have been producing Low just 6 years earlier and Scary Monsters just 4 years earlier.
    Loving The Alien is a fine Bowie song (a fine version is on the Reality DVD),Don't Look Down is ok but then it goes a bit wibbly wobbly.
    God only Knows was not deemed suitable for Pin Ups so why it was revived,Bowie only knows.The title track is bizarre to those who know how fab the original is,but Neighbourhood Threat must surely go down as the worst reworking of a Bowie/Pop original.It's hard not to listen to this and not think of the Hawaii 5 0 theme tune.
    The albums saving grace are the brilliant Blue Jean and Tumble & Twirl,but then those Hawaii 5 0 drums reappear for I keep Forgettin'.
    The closing Dancing With The Big Boys is an odd ending to an odd album.
    Not Bowie's finest moment as we all know but at £2.99 you can't go wrong if only for the Loving The Alien & Blue Jean.
    Bowie has often said that the Demo's for this album were wonderful,how about an EMI era rarities box Mr B?