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  1.  Original, and different


    Great film, didnt really know what was going on through the first half but you realize eventually. Bale is Fantastic as he always is in his performance. Genuinely very different to other films i have seen and very clever.
    Thoroughly enjoyed

  2.  Poor and fulll of flaws


    Really did not enjoy this film, was waiting for it to end and even then i couldnt be bothered to watch it all the way through. The car chase is one of the worst i have seen tbh and the story is pretty predictable from the start. The fact i dont appreciate Liam Neeson as an actor may mean i have been a bit harsh with the rating but i just did not like the film.

    Stick to the bourne series :D

  3.  Fantastic Film!


    What a fantastic film! Thoroughly enjoyed this. The blair which style filming is pulled off really well and the story is fantastic! Its humorous, very well thought through and Id highly recommend seeing it. The only down point to some people will be the subtitles as its all spoken in Norwegian (with the exception of troooooooooooll :p)but i didnt find it a bother.
    A genuine must see :)

  4.  AMAZING with Forza 3


    Bought this to play with wrc initially but it was awful and i gave up with it. also tried it on NFS but wasnt great on that either. Thought i had wasted my money but then played it with forza 3 and i couldnt believe how well it worked! Makes the Boring Career on Forza alot more fun and the wheel reacts perfectly with the cars. Only down points are that i find the start and back button awkwardly place but i love the feel to the controller and it feels good to hold with the oversize triggers. Also a shame it doesnt have bumper buttons as a couple of features on Forza 3 you have to revert back to a standard controller(storefront for example) this deffinately makes me want to get Forza 4 now :)

  5.  Poor Online


    Played the old Quantum of solice and absolutely loved it (got all 1000 gamerscore) Therefore i assumed this would be as good.The actual single player is very good (driving is a bit boring though) The online on the other hand is pathetic. Dont expect it to be anything like quantum of solice as that was in a different league. Great for single player but online lets it down.

  6.  Brilliant


    I may be a boy but thats not the only reason that i enjoyed it, i found that the story line was very interesting and just generally a great watch. Looking forward to new series :)

  7.  Bargain


    These are not the Bassiest or best quality earphones i have owned (ipod and Philips are alot better quality) But they are soo cheap that you cant really go wrong. Given these a 4 star due to their rediculous Value for money :) Perfect to see you through untill you can afford a better set :) or just as spare set

  8.  Yet another amazin hospital comp!!


    Fantastic follow up to sick music 1 (which was my all-time favourite dnb cd!) Tunes like all i wanna do-camo and crooked, directions-illskillz and memory lane-netsky which are all amazing, make this a deffinite buy. If you like dnb, get this :)

  9.  Absolute bargain!


    Just released compilation for 3.99! Bargain.Small mixes of various tracks previously and soon to be released, by hospital. Perfect fix, until the tunes are properly released for sale. Tunes like Full circle, California, Piano Anthem and memory lane are fantastic. Must by for any DnB lover!

  10.  Love it!


    Lovely hoody, very good quality and very smart looking. Nice soft material too. Size small is a nice fit, deffinately recommend this hoody :)