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    This is going to be easy. Buy this album and you will realise just what sound waves are for. Duke special is a talent that has yet to be discovered by the masses. In a way, it would be ashame if he was a massive star as that may very well dilute his tottaly amazing live performances. This album is packed with music that you will find yourself addicted to within a few plays. The words are that of a royal poet, and the emotion in the whole thing just makes it a total joy to listen to.
    Please try this wonderful piece of music wonder, and it will make you realise just how good someone you've never heard of can be.

  2.  How can something be this funny???


    Right, let's get one thing sorted from the start. Some films should be classed as naturally funny (Monty Python, South Park), and some try really hard to be (Wedding Crashers, 40 Year Old virgin), and fail. Team America is on a new level when it somes to things that make you laugh. The idea that an actor can save the world is nothing new (Hello if yo're listening Mr Willis), but the way this film makes fun of the way the Americans see themselves is fantastic. And you haven't lived till you've seen two puppets having sex!!! This is not a film for the kids, but what it is, is a film for those who want to forget the grumbles of their world and to laugh out loud for an hour and a bit. Such a shame there're isn't going to be a follow up.
    Fantastic film. I give it 58,000,000 out of a 100.

  3.  OUCH!!!!!!!


    That really hurt!!!!! This is what you'll be thinking after your first encounter with this album. This may very well be the best heavy metal album EVER, and not just by Judas Priest, but by any metal band. The title track alone puts you in a state of shock, then every song after will put more and more hairs on your chest. Everything about this album is staggering. The vocals are not of this planet, the drummer must have an extra arm and at least seven legs, solid bass thumping away and then there's the guitars, blistering away, and providing something that some heavy metal bands neglect. Instead of having ten billion notes in about two bars of music, Glenn Tipton and KK Downing create melodic tuneful solos that actually award the other instruments. Honestly, this album is perfect if you're into heavy metal.
    ENJOY. (I put that in upper case as this album should be blasted out on your iPod, stereo (home and car), PC whatever, just own it!!)

  4.  Stop reading and just buy this fantastic film!!!!


    Wikipedia should have this film in a special "Most Underated Film Ever Made" section!!!! It is fantastic and the more you watch it the more you'll need to kick yourself (or seeing as you don't own it already, then get someone else to kick you in case you miss!!!!!) for not owning it sooner. The acting, story, action and feel of this film must rate it as a future classic.
    Please follow these simple instructions:
    1/ Put this film in your basket
    2/ Buy film
    3/ Watch film (once you've recieved it or course)
    4/ Hate yourself for not seeing it sooner.
    5/ Feel bad about yourself

  5.  Move over Indina Jones


    If you're a fan in the Indianian Jones movies than read this book as it's the nearest anyone will get to the real thing. Sir Ranulph Fiennes is either insane or just has no concept of fear. Every adventure he's undertaken makes each page a treat to read. If you're bored with Dan Brown and the like then this book cannot be recommend enough. Go through the SAS trials, the river expeditions, the Polar adventures and more.
    Way this book is written also makes it fun to read as the author makes light of his near death experiences and introduces the reader to a life that is full of danger and massive bravery.
    A much recommended read

  6.  FANTASTIC!!!!


    This is easy. Death Proof is the support film for this, need I say more. This is the main feature and quite right. From the start it is fun, fast, gory, sleazy and very entertaining.
    Short version...
    Death Proof....Terrible (-9)
    Planet Terror..Execellent (1,000,000,000,000,000)

  7.  Stop reading and just buy it!!!


    Twisted Sister. What can you say about a band that is this much fun, musical, shocking but sadly, underrated. Every song (well, nearly) is an anthem. By buying this, or any, of their albums you will be making your life a better place to be and will come to realise that in the late 80's early 90's you may have been listening to the wrong rock bands. These guys never EVER took themselves seriously . They just enjoyed their music, as should you.
    Buy any of their albums and you'll see what you've been missing. Enjoy......

  8.  READ THIS!!!


    Duke Special is such a unique talent. His songs are all catchy, melodic and lyrically, perfect. I know for a fact that you'll not have heard any album that will stay in your head for the whole day. Songs like Last Night I Nearly Died, Freewheel and No Cover Up are all fantastic.
    Just buy this album and treat yourself to a totally original artist and album.