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  1.  The Complaints


    I was fortunate to get a pre published book and was captivated from page 1. It is different to the Rebus novels but I found this to be a good thing. You are kept on edge reading this and empathising with the main character. Those who are Scottish will be able to picture the settings and this was an added bonus for me. I am sure you will enjoy the book.

  2.  A glorious read!


    From the moment you start to read this book, you will not be able to put it aside. It has amazing twists and turns and you quickly become immersed in the characters. Some are very likeable while others, not so, but that is all part of the enjoyment of the book. I guarantee you will enjoy!

  3.  Another McCall Smith triumph


    A long awaited next book in this wonderful series. But i found the plot not so fast moving as in mccall smith's other books in the series, but i still loved it and will pass it on to my daughter to read.

  4.  Fantastic acoustics


    Heard part of this on a recent BBC Radio 2 Organist Entertains programme and it was mind boggling. If you are in to organ music and want to hear one of the best organs in the world, then this is for you. Hornpipe Humoresque is amazing.

  5.  The Life of Pi


    I was extremely disappointed with this book in the end. I found the first chapters up until the shipwreck absolutely fascinating with the history and from the religious point of view. There really are some very comedic areas in the first part of the book, especially when Pi explains how his name is to be pronounced! After the shipwreck, it just degenerated in to a bloody mass of how he survived by killing this and that. The ending was most disappointing too. I usually share my books with my daughters but knew they would not like all the blood and gore so donated it to the charity shop.

  6.  Infinite Tai Chi give it a try....


    I would rate this dvd with the full 5 stars as it has helped me over the years with relaxation to help head and neck pain. The exercises are very gentle and if there are one or two you cannot do, then just sit them out. The breathing exercises also help you towards relaxing and thus benefit you. When you have practised enough you can do the exercises you find beneficial without the dvd and can do these almost anywhere, whenever you feel tense or in pain. It also helps you to improve your balance should this again be one of your problems. I have been using first the video since 1996 and now the excellent dvd.

  7.  Bellowhead are terrific....


    Heard this group on the Folk Proms and think they are fantastic. The sound they make is fantastic so can't wait to get the album. Sure I won't be disappointed. Loved the Fakenham Fair track...

  8.  Unforgettable


    Nothing can prepare you for what happens in this book. It is a most delightful read with as the others have said, all the innocence of a child to behold. I defy anyone to read this book and not shed a tear.