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  1.  Lasted 8 months!


    These are excellent over ear phones and my son has used them everyday since purchased...but!!!... the RH channel has just given up and the fault lies with the 3.5mm plug. The connection has failed within the sealed plug and bang goes their excellent status. Am in process of trying to get them replaced or failing that they are covered by 2yr warranty by Sennheiser who will repair if you have proof or purchase. So there is an issue with how robust the plug is and you would need to balance excellent audio quality and sleek looks (for those who don't want to look as though they have 2 jars of jam strapped to their head)over longevity.

  2.  its funky!!!


    Great chillaxing songs for in the car on the way to France! :D =P
    (and i'm 72) Xx

  3.  Big improvement on Limit IP-CR100


    As other reviewer says much better than it's predecessor. Am comparing it to Limit IP-CR100 as is Kazza61. You can set the volume at whatever level you want to wake up to...not preset at 9 like other version. Sound is pretty good for price and it works fine on son's nano. Remote is fine (battery included) and all functions can be opereated from it and it controls i-pod tracks +/-. Instructions not the easiest to understand but 20 mins practice sorts it. Radio presets work well unlike previous offering. you get 12 adapters to fit in which ever i-pod you have including i-phone,but haven't tested it with i-phone. You also get a 3.5 cable to link aux source. Got it today so will test for a week and return to adjust review if necessary..Update 21/6/10...set it last night to wake up to i-pod and it didn't work...sounded loud beeping alarm although was set for i-pod. Lose one star...will try again. Update 25/6. have sussed out the peculiarities of setting the i-pod alarm and it works good, you may need a few trial runs as instructions are not the best. Now running smooth and getting son up each morning succesfully. 5th star got back!

  4.  Not bad but some silly niggles


    Bought one for teenage son to get him up in morning via his i-pod. default volume level (9) is too loud and cannot be reduced. At his age he doesn't have any quiet tracks!!! and therefore the early morning shock at high volume is too much. Manufacturer has a support web-site and support forum and I've posted a query about the 2 gripes I've got but no response at this time. Cannot get FM presets to log in either as presets will not flash as instructions suggest. Sound is very good though for small unit and by using the adaptor you get with your i-pod his 3rd Gen nano fits in to cradle no probs and charges. 3 levels of brightness on/mid/off is perfectly good feature

  5.  Good for 25 months


    Mine's just died after 25 months....good to look at...great when it works...but in terms of longevity and modern electronic items it sucks big style....no support from apple.... £116 to repair!!! Buy one for the short term ONLY!!!!

  6.  excellent purchase


    east to set up with usb/ps2 "bar of soap" sized receiver. mouse has up/down and side to side scroll wheel and a couple of extra buttons for thumb. they are: magnify button which is useful for hovering and magnifying small text/pics and back button for web browsing. sturdy solid feel and batts provided...had mine up and running in 5 mins

  7.  Beware of battery life!


    Brilliant looking and functioning phone...except not good for heavy users. You'll be lucky if it lasts 3 days on stand by and less if you actually use it or accept in-coming calls or texts. Ideal for very low user. Needs charging every night and you cannot turn the screen off when you charge it, unlike many other Samsungs...this is a big design fault. Complained to samsung about battery life and they sent replacement battery. worth having a replacement but it still cannot hold a charge. Also it will show 3 bars of battery life and then all of a sudden it goes dead...doesn't lose power in increments. I've had 6 samsung phones including my current D900 and they all have much better battery life. EDIT Key pad just packed in and has gone back to Samsung for under guarantee repair and to resolve battery drain which continues to dog performance even with second battery from Samsung!

  8.  Mine Tilts!!!


    Further to previous review...mine tilts fine!!! It was a bit stiff to start with but it def tilts....son uses it for XBox 360 and he's well pleased with colour,res and clarity. I've watched Halo 3, Mass effect and Assassins Creed and they look superb...easy to set up and supplied with VGA and DVI cables for PC/360 link up...very good value

  9.  award winning machine


    very good vfm. set up with a sky hd box and 40" samsung 1080 lcd it's a brilliant combo. like most recorders there is audible clunking between scenes and whilst checking data but the upscaled picture is amazing. it's just got a what hifi sound and vision award for 2007's best dvd recorder under £250. very easy to set up and in best quality record mode, hd broadcasts are just the same as they were broadcast. no hdmi cable is included so you need to spend a bit to get best results

  10.  Excellent VFM


    At this price it's unbelievable vfm. take time to set up colour/backlight/contrast and it is performs brill with Sky HD....HD recording on skyHD+ is mega.. blacks are black and images like falling water droplets are truly realistic. I have a cinema sound set up so reported sound issues are not a problem. more connections than you need and a great looking tv that swivels on an arc for best viewing. on screen UI is not the most intuitive but you get it eventually. Only thing I haven't set up is freeview tuner cos I have no signal where I live. A basic DVD looks very good but have ordered 1080 upscaler anyway.