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  1.  A stellar effort


    This is how a football game should be made. Not perfect though, I would 've given it 4.5/5 if I could..but..
    Better animations is needed for the next instalment. Konami however are going in the right direction.
    Am having fun playing this game...fun..fun ..fun!! And that what matters.

  2.  The beautiful game!


    EA did the right thing and ironed out the few negatives in Fifa World cup and improved on the already fantastic World cup game and produced the near perfect Fifa11. It should've been a five out of five score..but..there are few bugs here and there that EA needs to sort out. However, if u r looking for the ultimate footballing experience, u won't go amiss with this one.
    Yes,I agree with some of the other reviews that it is more difficult to pass and more difficult to score...but...that can't be bad..can it? surely not!!
    Just outplayed pes for me this year ,but only just.

  3.  Fun to play...just give it time


    I'd love to give this game 5out of 5,but I thought,this time, I'd better give it a good 100 games or so b4 I place my judgment.
    At first,u'd be in a land of loss and confusion,u'd be wondering what the heck is this,but if u give it time u will soon unearth a gem of a game that is fun to play and a joy to master. The reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is because I think Konami need to improve a little more on the animations side where fifa is superior, not by much though, Konami is gettin there. Forget the licenses Konami, more organic animations is ONLY whats needed to get u there.
    However,this is a VAST improvemnt on the last instalments in every way. Brilliant (apart from pumpkin heads..etc and sweet shaped and barrel shaped balls-GET RID OF THEM PLS!!)

  4.  This is football!!


    Brilliant game in every way, Graphics 8, animations 9, sound 8 ,gameplay 10. If u love football, buy this, And this is coming from a pes fan(see my reviews of pes2010 if u want a proof!!) If fifa11 is anywhere near this, am gonna get it too!! This is football the way it should be.

  5.  And still...The first person shooter champion of the world!!


    I must admit I was really disappointed with this game at first having played the first Far cry on PC. For example, In the first game when scouting an enemy camp u were able to register everything u see in the camp using ur binoculors onto ur radar including mercinaries and they would appear in it as green, amber or red colours ,depending on thier level of alertness to ur presence, also u were able to keep track of how quite ur in ur movement...etc which gave a lot of emphasis onto stealth. In this second instalment this is absent which makes stealthy approaches difficult.But I guess it makes the game more realistic for some !!
    On the other hand however, there are many welcoming additions:
    - Enemies r now much more intelligent and harder to shake off or kill.
    - Your character now has friends who come to his rescue in the heart of battle which makes the game even more realistic and fun.
    - The graphics are much more delicious this time round absolutly amazing light effects and animations.
    -The ability to fix ur vehicle if it got damaged by enemy fire or else which is very handy considering the massive environment.
    - Or u can use local transport to get around ie: buses.
    - Extra freedom in choosing how to approach missions(e.g: u can take a friend suggestion and complete a side mission first)

    I just cant believe some of the negative reviews for this game, I was ALMOST put off buying it!.... My advice is, if u played the 1st far cry and liked it, u gonna love this one, just give it time and DONT judge it by the first two missions or so. Oh... remember to adjust controller sensitivity to ur liking and ur off and ready to enjoy the best first person shooter on the xbox360 in my opinion.

  6.  This year its PES over FIFA!


    I have to say I am a big PES fan since its first instalment ...until PES2008 that is... which I tought was very disappointing and nothing PES about it! so I tried FIFA08 and thought it was much better in every aspect. This year though I must say PES 2009 puts the PES franchise right back on track. U feel the game,u work hard for every goal u score,u feel more in control. PES is BACK!!

  7.  Believe the hype!


    Capcom R back with another masterpiece, Am a big SF fan since the original SF1 on the arcade. This game has the same exceptional gameplay as before with lucious animations..buy it hands down!