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  1.  Best Cop Film For Ages


    Very good film! Really enjoyed it. Story got deeper and more harrowing as it flicked along. It's shot in a documentary view of two Police officers working in one of the most gang riddled and violent areas of L.A. I won't go into to much and let you see the film for your self. Well worthy in your Blu-ray or DVD collection as I don't let any old film in mine. Enjoy!

  2.  WARNING: Don't waste your cash


    I am a fan of the more raw films out there regardless where they come from. This however is by far the poorest film in a long time. The plot is about as deep as a saucer of milk. I think my 2 year old nephew can act better than the so called stars in this shocker of a film, the script is as strong as the breaking point of a Kitkat. I wasted an hour and a half odd of my life watching this. If I had put a search of "watching paint dry" into the YouTube search browser I would have been more entertained. Sadly I had to give it one star as there wasn't a rating lower...That's being generous

  3. Gangs



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     Brilliantly addictive


    I have read a number of real life crime books. Very few however can compare to this novel. Author Tony Thompson has a rare gift in opening the reader's eyes when uncovering some of the trade secrets of our much misunderstood underworld.
    Unlike other writers, Thompson goes that extra mile to get that key information which makes his books second to none. For example, with some of the criminals he interviewed, they would not talk to him until he revealed the full addresses of his own family and parents as an insurance policy, so he would not "abuse the information" given to him. Thompson was also advised buy a certain gangland member that if any information was used in a in any other way than for the book, it was made very clear to him that he would not live long enough to regret it.

    With all major crimes and gangs Such as Armed robbery and Fraud covered in detail i have hardly ever seen. Thompson makes his book stand out even more with other more untalked about crimes such as Hi tech crime, money-laundering and kidnap. These once thought smaller operations are bought out in the book, waking the reader up to some startling realities. The Drug trade for instance, Thompson strips down the main industry to areas focusing on Heroin, Cocaine, and many more, showing how each group is a world apart from another. Complete with interviews from back street prostitutes to high ranking Drug smugglers, this read does not sugar coat the most dangerous and hostile profession in the world.
    Take my word for it. If you enjoy real life insights to the underworld, "Gangs" Is the book that you will not be able to put down. A must for your book case.