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  1.  Great Fun! :)


    Not sure why people have given it a low rating, if done properly its great fun.

    I brought a box of this for my 6 year old brother to try at christmas. He couldnt wait to try it. I do reccommend an adult helps out as it can be tricky if trying to make something pretty detailed and fiddly.

    A tip is to make sure you keep your hands as cold as possible, as soon as they get warmer it's starts to get messy and sticky! :D

    Togther we made 7 different objects, one for each family member, of their favourite things (Like a squash racket, car, dog etc..)

    When it came to eating them, they were actually really nice, I would say less like chocolate and more like fudge! :)

    I would definately buy this product again.

  2.  Quality Novelty Bargain.


    When I saw this I thought it was a really good idea for my brother. When it arrived It came in a nicely presented sturdy box. It's well made and looks great! Not to heavy and a nice size. I just know he'll love it.

    I may order another one for my boyfriend!

    I only wish I had ordered it at it's price now, because I paid a little more for it before they put it in the gifts for 5 pounds section!

  3.  Bloody Big Beer Glass


    It is as it says: Big! and good quality GLASS too! Very pleased with this buy and would reccommend it for the price.

  4.  Excellent


    If you like games that such as Zelda, God of War and Assassin's Creed, then it's pretty likely that you will like this game too.

    Personally I really enjoyed it, it had loads of puzzles in it, and even though I wanted to get through the whole game without having to look up how to do anything.. I didnt succeed haha. That's just propbably me getting impatient and wanting to know what what going to happen next in the story though.

    The fighting style is brilliant with a variety of different weapons, and to top it all off, my favourite thing, Riding the Horse!

    To me I found some of the fights tricky which is good but that wasn't even on Apocalypse mode. I can't even imagine xD

    I brought the game the day it was released at full price, and it's now a bargain! Don't miss out on a great game if this style is up your street. A true Must Have.

  5.  5*


    Brilliant film. I went to see it at the cinema a while back not really knowing if I would enjoy it but the trailer looked funny. I've never been interested in Sherlock holmes before but this film if really good and I've brought it on dvd already.

    Its got comedy and wit. The actors/actresses play their roles so well. And the logic behind the story is really well planned out and very suprising :P

    If you havent seen it yet, it's definately worth the buy.

  6.  Great film, Funny and a good unexpected twist.


    This film is really good, a great story to do with a true life story. Its got its funny parts, serious parts, and really good conman twists.
    I would say personally I don't really enjoy films that have quite a few sexual scenes in, but after them parts it was really great!

  7.  Amazing Graphics, Abit Repetitive.


    This game has amazing Graphics and Scenes, Thats one of the things that makes it enjoyable, Also a sense of feeness to go where u want.. but still a set route of *missions* to do. I like the fight style, me and my boyfriend sat for hours taking turns seeing who could kill the most enemys at a time lol But yea i Agree, It gets very Samey.. Still reccomend to buy and complete it tho. :) Apparently part of a trilogy so waiting for the next one to come out..