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  1.  Excellent compliment to the Mat Method


    This is an excellent introduction to Tracy's method and her style of dance cardio.

    For those complaining there's no instructions you need to actually go through the DVD properly has Tracy gives very clear broken down instructions to each routine as well as giving you the option to run through the routine both front view and from behind as if you were at a class.

    It's a lot of work, but it's also a lot of fun.

    Again, those complaining about space you can clearly see Tracy is working is a small space so if she can do this anyone with half a decent sized living room (and I live in a flat and can do this) there's no reason why most can't do this exercise routine at home.

    This is a great compliment DVD to the Tracy Anderson Mat Method which I also have a use. In the short time I've been doing both the mat method and cardio I've seen results already. Highly recommend.

  2.  Far cry from the original webisodes


    This 'first' season is mostly new with some rehashing of some of the original webisides from when this show was independent of a network and only available online.

    As for it's likeness to other shows, it bears little to no resemblance to them and only in as much as it draws on historical legends, urban legends and mythology which would make none of the others referenced any more original in that regard.

    The effects are much cleaned up since the webisodes and more real sets are used than the original too which is an improvement, giving back a sense of reality and conviction to the story.

    The story's themselves still capture the original essence of the webisodes and an originality of ideas to keep you on your toes (as well as other shows in this genre).

    The cast is superb overall, but Amanda's English accent with American pronunciation can sometimes destroy the illusion, perhaps she should have got a speech coach or just stuck with her own accent.

    This is my only real gripe as overall performances are good if not a little overacted at times, but otherwise convincing in creating this unique story and world.

  3.  iPhone Wannabe


    The iPhone this is not even though it's trying damn hard to be one. Do your self a favour, get an iPhone not this wannabe rubbish.

  4.  Threes a crowd


    So it seems even in the Harry Potter franchise that three is too much of a crowd to have in leading roles, because Ron has become nothing more then the Jester to King Potter and Queen Hermione who seem to dominate the story and screen as the 'serious' and, 'in-depth characters whilst Ron fumbles about giving the laughs.

    Lots of potential lost both in terms of the story and characters especially in Ron's case who is by far the better actor of the three leads. The pace starts and stops and, then eventually just stops with the last scene leaving Ron so dumfounded he's not given a single line while Potter and Granger hit home some more on the importance of friendship whilst Ron watches on from a little way away being totally ignored by the pair.

    Don't get me wrong, the film in some ways is very entertaining and is interesting to see visualised having read all the books, but honestly I think I prefer the books, solely because they will always be the original and best and, most importantly, in the books three isn't a crowd.

  5.  Very Special


    This really is quite a remarkable film; funny, intelligent and very thought provoking. The use of the time theme is very well played out during the film, very poignant for how we all miss those moments.

    It also has a superb soundtrack which goes a long way to enhance the film further.

    Beautifully crafted and very relevant to us all.

    I really can't recommend the film enough.

  6.  Classic reborn, but still faithful.


    Having read the graphic novel I was highly sceptical as to whether this would live up to the comic. Previous adaptations have always skipped important plots or arcs and have never lived up to the depth of the book, either skimming over good bits or lengthening pointless parts.

    This movie however doesn't disappoint. I really enjoyed it and personally found the length to be just right and necessary in it's length (others have complained it was too long, but maybe they haven't read the graphic novel to understand why it's that long).

    The characters development and back stories are there, and a lot of the feel and vibe of the comic is there too.

    It looses a star, for the ever moving Rorschach blot mask which just isn't there in the novel and takes away from the fact that he is a mere human, that Dr Manhattan is the only one with superpowers. It lost some of it's believability for me.

    Overall this is a good film and a very faithful adaptation of the novel, though it can never replace the novel it's still the best adaptation I've seen to date.

  7.  Hugely over hyped & dissappointing


    The premiss of this film is very tantalising, but the execution is just that an execution; what could've been a great movie is nothing more then excess of violence and unbelievable stunts (and I have nothing against stunts and violence in a film), and as an audience it gets harder and harder to buy into the weavers of destiny story with so many pointless deaths that undermine the very fabric of the basis of the story they want you to believe. It's Hollywood destroying good story credibility, something they do best. I just hope they do a better job with The Watchmen.

  8.  Refreshing


    It makes a change that a film relies on good story and dialogue rather then special effects alone. The story is good and the leads really bring the characters o life, with depth and humour.

    The cinematography is stunning as are the locations. Magical.

    I really enjoyed this film.

  9.  Informed Choices


    First off, I completely disagree with the previous comment and how is someone with anorexia a good benchmark for what is healthy eating? I have every sympathy for anyone suffering with anorexia, but really, it is not a suitable guiding point for loosing weight the healthy way.

    I found this book to really get down to what is actually in our foods, helping the reader to really make an informed choice about what goes into their bodies.

    I was already a vegan prior to hearing about this book and having already done a great deal of research, felt I had a good knowledge base of the rubbish that is in dairy and meat, but even here I was enlightened further.

    The book has some profanity, but no where near as much as the previous reviewer claims and it's all very tongue in cheek as well as honest and to the point, and if you don't want to hear the truth about what you put in your body then this isn't the book for you anyway.

    It is broken down into easy sections and overall a very good read. Highly recommend for the intelligent and health conscious individual, not to mention the environmentally concerned.

    It looses one star for the sole reason, that although there is mention of British food research, unless you have already done your research some parts are very American in their reference, so unless you already know about the subject, you may not know whether it applies to British Food Standards or not (a great deal does, bar the steroids), but overall it very much applies to food standards in the UK, which still makes for a wake up call.

    Next I will be reading Skinny Bitch in the Kitch.

  10.  Keeps getting better


    I've been playing the DS version for a couple years now and am very impressed with this version.

    There is so much attention to detail and so many hidden gems, that there is a wealth to do and a long life to the game.

    There are even country specific events depending on your location which again, is nice attention to detail.

    Much of the DS features are here as well as the GC, but there is a whole new level of game play added and not just with the addition of the city, but just in little touches here and there which you discover with every game play.

    My only real gripe is the menu being at the bottom, it really gets in the way when your finishing. I use the nunchuck more now, but there are times you still need to point and click with the Wii remote and end up clicking the menu instead of the water which you were aiming for, other then that its superb.