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  1. Shame



    13 New from  €7.54  Free delivery

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     Emotional, powerful, questioning, brutal and raw.


    Its a dark and at times very grim look at the life of someone who, on the outside is a succesful and confident individual but on the inside is a tormented soul.

    Michael Fassbender is utterly sublime, a flawless portrayal of such a damaged character and the supporting cast are equally as good. The locations are real, the relationships and dialogue is real....I cannot praise the film enough.

    Current price is an absolute bargain.

  2.  Masterpiece. Fassbender cements himself as one of our best.


    Michael Fassbender's acting in this movie is extraordinary. Carey Mulligan is beautiful and equally as sublime. The movie is a stark and realistic look at life, and it has a lot to say and make you think about.

    I cannot recommend this movie enough, take other reviews with a pinch of salt.

  3.  Improves Upon An Already Solid Formula


    This game is incredibly charming and very fun. If you've played the first DS Bust-A-Move type game, then you'll be familiar with the format. This game improves of the cutesy cartoony graphics, with great character sprites. Story mode is excellent, with imaginative (within the constraints of a bubble puzzle) boss fights, a shop feature and points allows you to customise the game, including how the bubbles appear (e.g., simple, fruit, gems) and the arrow.

    All in all a great package, at a good price.

  4.  Secret Origin - A classic superbly retold.


    Secret Origin retells the origin of Hal Jordan, linking it into the modern storylines, whilst respecting the rich history of Green Lantern. The artwork is sublime, and this is simply another excellent storyline on Geoff Johns masterpiece run on Green Lantern.

  5.  £5.99? Erm.....Fangtastic value.


    Sorry for the pun. This is outstanding value. The first trade of Wolf-Man collects the first 7 issues, whereas normally in this format it would collect 4-6 issues. Anyway, I digress. This comic is fantastic. Its very fast paced, to cement you into the characters and universe, its atmospheric and supernatural. A brilliant mix between a super hero universe and a supernatural world. Twists galore, and plenty of blood! Absolutely brilliant. Fan of Invincible will especially love this comic as its set in the same universe, with easter eggs to discover. Highly highly recommended, especially at this ludicrous price.

  6.  Suprised to say superior to the British counterpart.


    The Office (American) sets itself apart in the second season. And in the third season it firmly sets itself above the British counterpart. The storylines and running themes are fantastic. Simply put this is funniest US TV comedy to come out in years. Season 4 is even funnier.

  7.  Essential for PS3s


    Honestly, the best £3.49 Ive ever spent.

    The best console accessory for under a £5.00er ever.

  8.  Not just a Marvel parade to make money!


    When this was originally released I brushed it off, as a simple cash in for Marvel, an advert, just sticking on the cover any characters that have good sale figures. A friend recently leant me this volume, and my mind was blown! Great writing! Great selection of characters, with both high end Marvel characters like Spider-Man and Wolverine, aswell as cameos from small league villains and would be heroes. The story is engaging, and it is also quite funny! A must buy for a great story of the Marvel Universe.

  9.  Volume two, builds on volume ones strong character base.


    Invincible is a young college student who develops super powers - flight, durability, super strength and speed. Volume 2 of the series builds on the very strong base of the first, and with a specific event in this installation, you will be hooked on the rest of the series. This truely is a staggeringly good comic book, and volume 2 cements this fact.

  10.  A blisteringly good start!


    Invincible is a young college student who develops super powers - flight, durability, super strength and speed. This hardback is an excellent start to the story of Mark Grayson, a teen struggling to balance his personal life with his new obligations as a super hero. This first collection reprints issues 1-13 of the comics, with fantastic writing, and colourful bold artwork, and a story that will be guaranteed to keep you guessing at every moment! This should be a must buy for comic fans and non comic fans alike wanting to get into a new comic, without being too bogged down with years of back continuuity.