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  1.  Kiss my face!


    Pure genius. One of the most intelligent and original comedies to ever grace our TVs. Love it.

  2.  Ruined


    The true story of Richard kuklinski is a brutal, violent, tense, fascinating tale. The story of a skilled psychopathic killer and his struggle with family life and work issues. This film captures none of that. It is so inaccurate that it shouldn't be allowed to have this title. The facts are distorted, the truth is ignored and the major points of the Icemans life are completely missed out. Disgraceful.

  3.  A bit much but great fun


    Horrific. Terrifying. Brutal. Gory. Funny. I could go on, but we all know that a film with this title won't be full of butterflies and fairies. It's very gory, I jumped on several occasions and it lives up to the reputation of the original. Watch - from behind the sofa cushion!

  4.  Tv for the simpler mind


    Season 1 and 2 are watchable, after that it becomes ridiculous. Very poorly researched and awful continuity. Obviously made for the American audience with no real thought or production. I would recommend HBOs OZ instead.

  5.  Poor


    The same plot as die hard but in the White House. Really unoriginal but easy watching.

  6.  Poor


    Very long and often boring. A good idea but poorly executed. I'm a huge Bateman fan, but recently he just seems interested in the pay cheque!

  7.  Ok


    Firstly, Stallone looks awesome....for being almost 70! Secondly this is an 80s action movie made 25 years too late. It's not awful just all a little old and tired. Still, I have to admit that even though sly, arnie, Bruce, seagal, and all the other guilty parties are way past it- I will still watch every film they make!

  8.  Disappointing


    Far too long for children. Franco didn't do the role justice. Some poor effects in places. Rachel Weiss was poorly cast. Not great or powerful.

  9.  Good


    Superb acting. Horrific subject. Very well put together. Just two points: it obviously is possible as it really happened and the beginning is great but it dwindles towards the end.

  10.  Ridiculous but great


    Very light hearted and tongue in cheek but thoroughly enjoyable and a nice twist on the zombie genre. Don't take it too seriously and appreciate it for what it is and you will really laugh. Well done.