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  1.  The 'big O' yes


    this is a brilliant compilation album from one of the greatest ever. i am only 28 but it is just so easy to appreciate the genius of orbison no matter what your age, young or old.
    obviously elvis is known as the king but in my book this man is on a level with him. didnt have the charisma of presley but the poigniance and depth of emotion in his music cannot be bettered.
    5 star legend!

  2.  sharp.


    this is a smart bit of clobber and at under 20 quid u cant go wrong. great if you're a bit of a mod/indie kid which i am so it suits well. sizes are true. material has a polo shirt feel to it, all in all a smart, good value bit of retro clothing.

  3.  empire strikes back!


    in my opinion boardwalk is better than the soprano's although i can appreciate others would disagree as the soprano's is equally fantastic. i just love the early 1900's setting to this series, it feels so vibrant. there are some truly memorable characters and the acting is flawless all round, steve buscemi is particularly engrossing in the lead. it would be easy to watch all the episodes back to back as its like a good book you just cant put down, such is the diversity in plot points and plot lines. i pray there are many more series to come as its my favourite thing on the box at the moment. unmissable!
    p.s. the 2nd series is even better, if thats possible.

  4.  a worthy effort


    the 1982 film is my favourite sci fi film ever so i was slightly worried about this prequel spoiling the karma. have to say it was better than i expected. its not as terryfying or suspenseful as the 1982 film but thats not through lack of trying. the fx are pretty good aswell with a decent blend of cgi and make-up. also there are some nice little touches in terms of tying this film into the following events. all in all it would have been so easy to mess this up big-time but the production team have managed to conceive a film that most 'thing' fans will appreciate. nothing will ever top kurt and the boys though.....

  5.  hmmmm


    not good, not bad. just very very average. special fx just about save it.

  6.  guts n glory


    this is a fantastic dvd that will bring back great memories for any utd fan. the best thing however is the absolute bargain price- half of the official website!

  7.  prey on something else


    sorry to say but i found this film a massive let down. bad acting, muddled plot and poor action scenes, this film is sub standard on all levels. it takes about an hour for anything interesting to happen and has one of the worst openings to a film ive seen. dont bother asking for an explanation about whats going on because you dont get one. ever. it really has got a 'make it up as we go along' feel. the original film is one of my all time favourite films and its a shame to see its reputation being dragged through the mud by money spinning drivel such as this. time to can these never ending sequels.

  8.  amazing story


    this is the 5th grisham book i have read and it is no less brilliant than the other 4. his ability to tell a story is surely unrivaled, fact or fiction. the plot builds up to a pulsating speed and i had soon read all 500 pages in 3 days. some average reviews on here and because of this i was expecting an average book. however i was pleased to discover a masterpiece.

  9.  hidden gem


    being something of a movie buff i was very surprised that i had never heard of this film. it was only brought to my attention when i purchased the sean penn collection boxset, and this film alone made that collection a great buy. for a film and cast of such quality it is unbelievable that it is not that well known. the performances from all the actors are top notch and leaves you glued to the screen. if you are a fan of gangster films or just fantastic acting, this film is an absolute must, must, must buy. you wont be disappointed.

  10.  highly recommended


    this film is a masterclass in acting and directing. an excellent plot based on actual events which mixes action and suspense in just the right proportions. as with all spielberg films the atmosphere of the film is fantastic with beautifilly shot scenes and very good performances from the cast, notably daniel craig as a gung ho south african. it is a very thought provoking film and although it is based on events that happened many years ago, it just as easily relates to current world affairs. buy it.