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  1.  One of the greatest games of all time


    A friend suggested I pick this up as he had spent the past year playing it on and off & it was now under £15. Being a tactics/Japanese RPG fan I really wasn't sure, but £15 isn't much of a risk these days. One hour in & all that was making me stay with it was Patrick Stewart's voice acting & the hope of some kind of adventure around the corner. Another 8 hours later, in the middle of the night, I realised I was hooked!

    This game is immense - not just in the huge amount of quests and physical size of the game world, but in every sense this game is big. But don't let that put you off. You decide what to do. You decide when to do it, if you do it at all.

    The character progression is so far beyond what I am used to playing JRPGs. The class you choose is only the start of it - you take this game & your character in the direction that suits you. I watched my friend play his game. He wears heavy armour, wields a huge claymore & wades in. The game has rewarded him by improving his attributes with upgrades & stat boosts that let him do all that more effectively. He's a good guy & goes around helping people out. His game world & game experience is totally different to mine. I'm a thief. I go out at night, take things from people's locked chests & do robberies to order for shady collectors & my guild's leader. I use stealth to make my way through dungeons under the noses of the bad guys. I don't need heavy armour, I have equipment that makes me harder to detect. I also have a side-line in killing people for money.

    We're playing the same game but in very different ways & getting different things from it. He likes more action & adventure whereas I prefer stealth & tactics. This game lets you play how you want to play to a satisfying degree.

    On no level does this game disappoint. Stick in there through the character creation & once you are let loose in Cyrodiil it's up to you what happens next.