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  1.  wud be a brillant phone...if it wasnt configured to 02!


    i love the phone in general. besides the fact the time and date need changing and ive searched for ages and cant seem to find out how to. So if any of you know id be greatful! But the thing is when it switches on it says 02! Now this may just be the one ive recieved unless any of you have had this problem?

    it accepts my t mobile sim so it is unlocked however i cannot call t mobile from it, nor can i get on the internet as it says communication error. again possibly configured to 02, im hoping this is a one off mistake and im gonna keep searching to solve it but otherwise i may have to send it back. Overall thought it is very easy to use, looks great and is well worth the money, when it works.

  2.  =)


    VERY good phone,well worth the money, nice camera clear sound, great features, the screen qualitys perfect!
    There are afew disappointments with it though..
    The main one being you can;t zoom in when taking a photo unless the camera is on VGA so you have to keep changing the camera resolution just to zoom in but oh well i can work around it!
    Don;t know where the clocks gone that used to show up in sleep mode but oh well
    The only other thing i found weird which is the same on other new sony ericssons is in the media album i dont get why some photos go to camera album and others to pictures...espeically if you uploaded them off your laptop..and they cannot be moved! can they? does anyone know?
    overall gr8 phone though one of the best i;ve ever had!

  3.  Brillant phone!!


    Well i thought when i had my pink nokia 6111 it was the best phone apart from the fact it was pink n it did break twice. But this phone is amazing! Extremely reliable, i was expecting something to go wrong like software failing within the first week of me having it as every phone i have seems to break but nope its great. The camera is really good quality. The video could be better but still of good quality and the voice recording is excellent. I recorded a voice recording off a very old phone of mine as i couldn't send it n it sounds better on this phone that the original recording. The speaker is excellent the only thing is that the headphones are crap. Don't know if they are supposed to be suround sound or something but its really not gd and they ave a terrible eco. But this phone is great well worth buying, great price and looks alot nicer than the k800i + it has track id. Also video dj n photo dj really cum in handy and it has sum great games on. Same it doesn't come with a motion sensor for marble madness which is the game where u move the phone to guide the ball but i downlaoded that and just use the joystick. it even feels really nice and the round silver keys are really good. no there isn't much difference in featres from the k800i but its well worth getting!

  4.  winte warmth


    this ciat is great value for money. Sadly i couldn't get it off here becaue they don't have my size but didn't have to pay much extra. Its really light to wear, great design, light weight, not to clingy and keeps you really warm. Also unlike alot of coats ive had in the wind and rain the hood blows down when you have it up, on this one it doesn't and for this weather its highly recommended.

  5.  best release yet


    nero 8 is great, has loads of great features including the chance to make didgital audio disks which really boost the sound quality. It has really good updated versions of all you favourites including wave editor, express etc and it looks really good. it can do almost any job really! The only reason i'd give this 4 starts is because its a bit hard to find everything you want and not very navigation friendly but once you get past that its great!

  6.  well worth getting


    yes it is a more newer version of the k800i, it has the same features but has some extras, including new games, track id which records small lengths of music tracks n send u a text with the artist title and album which is very handy, battery is amazing, a much nicer design that the k800i slimmer and lighter. The mp3 sound quality is a definate 10 out of 10 and the camera is amazing The screen is of great quality and its all you ould ever ask for. One of the best phones i've had so far and the only one that has been reliable and not broke due to software faults whereas my others have.

  7.  could be better


    Yes its true what people say its just a repeat of the other 3 dvd's. I wouldn't say don't bother getting it if you have the other 3 because i'm glad i brought it because 1) theres the music video on it 2) i will never get bored of peter kay and 3) the interviews are really good. Its only the best bits taken out of the other 3 but its still good.

  8.  the great challenge!


    i have one of these infact it is this one. I've ad it about a year and i have only found one way to do it but theres a whle website of solutions =) its one of the most hardest and addictive puzzles you'll ever get, looks easy until you have tried it afew times. This is great for anyone with the paitents or likes puzzles you'll be at it for years.

  9.  Series 2!!!


    love this show, this series was even better than series 1 and i didn't think it could get any better. Very sad ending but well worth watching! Great price as well won't beat that anywhere.

  10.  One of their best shows yet!


    I'm 16 and went to see this in nottingham on may day this year and it was amazing. I was worried it might have been cancelled because paul could walk or anything but it wasn't and he was on a scooter thing which made it even funnier. I have liked the chuckle brothers from an early age and even now they're always worth watching. I don't know which showing this dvd was filmed at cuz obviously they did many shows in different places but the one in nottingham barry broke the castle and no one could stop laughing. It was a truely great show and i really enjoyed it and i'm sure you will to. After the show i got my program signed by them and barry actually spoke to me like an adult probably cuz i was probably the oldest kid there lol but i enjoyed it and that was the main thing! this is a must have for any chuckle bothers fan i just hope they bring the original spooky goings on out on dvd too cuz i didn't get to see that one and that they make a spooky goings on 3!