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  1.  Awful - like a TV movie


    A clunky script and a director with ADHD with so many camera angles during badly written dialogue, I felt like I was watching CCTV footage.

    The constant camera shifts led to jarring visual continuity errors such as ever changing eye-lines meaning the characters were shifting heights constantly - so much so, that Cruise, who initially is shown to be the same height as the lead female, is 3 foot taller (with heels!) at the end!

    Cliched freak weather conditions to give the usual pointless fight in the rain scene, unbelievable acting - the lead female (who's name I can't even be bothered to look up) has one expression "surprised" throughout but never conveys any real sense of peril - but i guess she's a District Attorney and that's (according to this movie) just what they do.

    The only saving grace of this movie is Robert Duvall who can turn any turkey of a script into gold - shame he's only got 10 lines.

    Cruise isn't a bad actor but he's channeling Clint Eastwood most of the movie - Eastwood he ain't.

    The bad guy is worthy of an Austin powers movie - absurd accent and motivations for being so damn evil - a clandestine attempt to build roads and bridges that aren't really needed?? This was the plan he hatched whilst in a Siberian prison whilst biting his own fingers off??

    I feel sorry for Reacher fans - this movie has inadvertently made his loyal readers look like adults who Read Harry Potter novels.

  2.  1 Star is too many for this!


    Whats happend to Bill Bailey???

    Seems now that he's got to the lofty heights of Wembley, he doesn't have to bother with material anymore.

    I can't speak for the whole DVD as I turned it off after 45mins of no laughs but it had the feel of a comic trying out his material before going on tour.