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  1.  Worth learning to read for!


    Quite possibly the single best book I've ever read. It's the one book that everyone should read before they die. In the event that you can't read, this book makes learing to do so worthwhile! (It's also worth pointing out that - despite RPF being a physicist of some note - this is a book about his life, not his profession - so you don't need to understand physics or maths to enjoy it)

    Feynman's writing style is entertaining (as always), and here he's writing on one of his favourite subjects - R P Feynman :)

    The stories he tells are wonderful - learn about how he "broke into" locked cabinets at secret goverment research projects [Los Alamos]. How he based his Nobel prize-winning work on spinning plates...the list goes on.

    A curious character indeed, a wonderfully gifted human being. And a marvellous, marvellous book.

  2.  Poor performer


    I bought one of these several months ago, and I have to say that in that time I've been fairly unimpressed with the device.

    Firstly, it's certainly not "ultra-silent" as the blurb suggests - not even close. You wouldn't want it in the same room as as your TV, for instance.

    Secondly, the data transfer rate is abysmal. Even when connected back-to-back with a gigabit equipped PC, It can barely manage 7megabit/second transfer (I suspect the transfer rate is actually limited by the speed of the drives, rather than the network adapter). But it you want to store DVD-quality video, this is far too slow.

    In short, steer clear of this and spend your money elsewhere