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  1.  Left feeling bewildered...


    Bought this as I am a big Hugh Jackman fan, but to be totally honest, I am still wondering what on earth the storyline was! Aside from the obvious relationship in the current time, the flash backs and flash forwards etc are totally 'out there'. I didn't not enjoy it, but I also wouldn't know who to recommend this to as it's so bizarre. Well acted and visually pleasing, but nonsensical.

  2.  Cheap, fun, funky and light


    With an array of colours to choose aside from this colour which I bought, this watch is very simple to look at (and read the time), very light, you hardly feel its there. Great for when you are are constantly on a keyboard at work like me as the strap doesn't dig into your wrist underneath. Was worried at first it was too small but it does stretch to go over your fist and then sits nicely on your wrist. Great buy for the summer and funky looking!

  3.  Bargain, Definitely recommend highly...


    Fantastic graphics, great playability, makes a nice change to PGR and all the cars really do handle differently.
    For £10 you really can't go wrong if you are a fan of racing games, smash ups are great and the damage is realistic enough to affect your drivability. Well worth the money.

  4.  Great Graphics, Addictive, Highly Enjoyable.


    We since owning this game I have not put it down. Although as previous reviewers have mentioned the Big Baddies and playable moves are all very samey I have still found it enjoyable. The sound and graphics are great, and if you are a Wolverine fan then this game is fab. I would definetly recommend it. Downside I would say is the repetitiveness of the styles of villans you need to beat and the same moves required to beat them. Also there are variety of moves for Wolverine but you need only 3 and keep using them to beat. This is where I think it could be improved, but that is where the next installment will better I hope (should there be one!)

  5.  Game brill controller not that great


    I love the GH series have 2 and 3 and World Tour on the Xbox 360, thought I would like the DS version, the game is good fun and typical of the series, but I was not that happy with the controller grip. Found I couldn't grip it well without twisting my wrist which wasn't the most comfortable after a while and it had a habit of the grip popping out of the slot. If they changed the way the grip worked then I would recommend it.

  6.  Brilliant, totally addictive! Gr8 buy for £18


    Having not played any of the lego franchise I has my eye on this game for a while and the price PLAY has it for is a bargain.
    SO many levels as it's the complete saga, great fun to play solo or with a bud. Totally addictive, since delivery I am playing this non-stop. If you are a Star Wars fan or not, this is a really playable game. Graphics are ok, I wasn't expecting to be amazed as its a Wii game not a 360 and it's lego, so it's all in jest.
    Good fun for a good price.

  7.  Not bad, not great


    I had been wanting to see this film for ages but I was disappointed in the end. it wasn't as funny as the American Pie series (baring the last one as that was dire!) but trying to capitalise on that humour. I found some of the language in this a bit O.T.T to the point where it actually put me off the film as it wasn't funny as it no doubt was meant to be.
    Not one I would rush and and buy.

  8.  Great size etc. unfortunately adapters needed again


    I bought this card reader as I thought it was a great price and it listed that it could read the San Disc M2 cards.
    Unlike the blurb on the same makes D-014 model this one didn't specify like most other readers it needs adapters to read the smaller cards.
    Once arrived I saw this also needed adapters, so again I am still without a reader that can read it all without having to buy other extras.
    Has a nice gold plated USB connector and is a good size, but for a reader that does all the basic sizes like most, you could get one even cheaper.
    You'll need an adapter if you have the following cards:

    MMC 4.0, MMC PLUS, MMC Mobile/DV RS-MMC, MMC Mini, MMC Micro, RS MMC, RS
    MMC 4.0/SecureMMC
    CF XS, CF Elite Pro
    SD Elite Pro, SD XS, Mini-SD, Mini-SD Ultra II, Mini-SD Ultra II Mobile

  9.  Brilliant read, real insight to how the others may live


    For those unfamiliar with the arranged marriage scenarios and what horrid things women are subjected too at times, this book will make you laugh, cry and feel useless at times to prevent these atrocities. Even though this is fictional, is it as true an account as can happen.
    Khaled Housseini is truly a gifted writer and I look forward to the next ones!

  10.  Couldn't put it down! Well written, captivating


    I have yet to see the film and don't know if i will end up seeing it, as this book painted so many vivid pictures in my mind, I couldn't put it down.
    Interesting to read how the changes in Afghanistan would've affected the people living there and how friendships are tested and triumphed.
    Went straight onto to reading A Thousand Splendid Suns which was also fantastic. A great writer.