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  1.  Good game


    The campaign is pretty good although a bit too James Bond for my liking, I prefer the campaign in CoD4 which includes what I think is one of the best missions in a game full stop 'Ghillies in the Mist'.

    While the campaign is good most people will most likely buy it for its online multiplayer component and again it is one of the top for online multiplayer. Although some of the guns and upgraded perks can sometimes make it really unbalanced. Apart from that its good

  2.  Very awesome


    This has to be one of the best fighting games I've ever played, partly because of the anime style of the characters and backdrops and mostly because of how fluent the controls are. They might take a while to get used to, but when you do you'll be pulling of massive 25-hit combos with ease.

    The characters themselves are unique, including a ninja using a giant nail for a weapon and a half-cat half-human who loves to eat. The anime style is great, the sprites for each character looks amazing especailly in HD and the background for each arena is equally impressive.

    There is a story mode for each character which you'll have to play through multiple times to get 100 percent for them, the story is really hit or miss but I found it fun, mainly because of the sharp writing some of them deliver.

    If you go for the limited edition then you get an instructional DVD, which you'll probably want to watch if you are struggling a bit, and also an artbook. Unfortunately I don't think its as big as the American artbook but its still very cool. And all of this comes in a biggish cardboard box with the BlazBlue logo on the front and it looks great.

    Basically if you enjoy your fighting games then you can't do much better than BlazBlue.

  3.  Simply brilliant


    I think this is the definitive Pokemon game. Two massive regions to explore, and I think a bit more difficult than the last games on the DS. If you are a fan, then you owe it to yourself to pick this up

  4.  Quite epic


    This is one of the best games I've ever played. The story is better than the majority of what you'd get from Hollywood. The gameplay is perfect. The graphics might just be the best in any game ever, it looks amazing. Just buy it

  5.  Great game


    Darksiders is what you get if you put God of War and the Legend of Zelda into a blender, and it works brilliantly. The combat is on par with God of War, which is excellent. The story was suprisingly good. The graphics are very crisp and smooth, you may find a couple of bad textures but only if you really look hard.

    It is quite lengthy as well, also getting new items constantly. One downer is that there are only 3 weapons, but they are cool nonetheless. Another downer for me was the replay value, unless you are the type that scours every nook and cranny for items then you might be a bit dissapointed. But for 18 pounds you cant go wrong

  6.  Great game, but rather difficult


    The combat in this game is almost second to none, combos are really easy to pull off and the finishing moves are gory yet awesome. The graphics are really nice, however there are some niggling issues. Common effects like reflections in water don't appear.

    The camera is the biggest letdown of the game. You have to constantly adjust it while slicing away barrel-loads of bad guys. The boss fights are cool, and can be very challenging, most of the time giving you no clue on how to beat them. This is without a doubt one of the hardest games I've ever played and I'm playing it on easy. So if you're looking for a challenge, this is a worthy contender.

  7.  Fantastic...


    I think this is political satire at its absolute finest. I do prefer Series 3, but this is still a brilliant series

  8.  Pretty good...


    To be honest, this was just like a Friday the 13th film, par for the course so to speak. It has the usual naive/stupid teenagers, sex scenes etc. I was hoping for something a little bit more original, although thats probably straying off the path a bit.

    Also I was suprised that they took ideas from previous films and incorporated them into this one. If you are an avid fan of the Friday the 13th films like I am, then you will probably know what I'm talking about. I had trouble finding where this film fits into the storyline as well. Its not a remake of the first one and for the most part, Jason has a grain sack on his head, reminiscent of part 2, rather than the traditional hockey mask.

    Overall, its a good watch and if you are a fan of the series, pick it up and you may be suprised.

  9.  Brilliant...


    I watched the anime before reading this, so I knew what was going on, but even so this is brilliant. I cant think of any other word for it. To me it seemed like the characters, particularly Tuskune and Moka, were really well developed the further you read, and you learned more about their complex relationship, as well as Tsukune's relationships with other characters, like Kumuru.

    The way the story progresses is good, and it throws in a bit of humour now and then to keep you chuckling. The illustrations are excellent, whether its a talking scene or an action scene, it is superb.

    I spent about 2-3 hours reading this, thats mainly down to how the story really pulls you in and makes you care about the characters and what will happen next.

    This is now my favourite manga/anime series, well apart from Lucky Star, which is just awesome. But I will definetely be buying the next volumes of this great series.

  10.  Pretty cool...


    I found Mario Kart Wii to be a pretty cool game, its certainly not an epic title that everyone must own by law, but it is good. One criticism that everyone seems to have is the Wii Wheel. I dont see the problem with it, I prefer using the Wheel to the other control methods.

    It makes you feel like you are more involved with the game, and that is basically what the Wii is about. It strikes me as wierd when people are asking for a interesting new gameplay add-on and that when they get it, they complain.

    Mario Kart Wii is basically the same as Mario Kart DS except it has 12 player races instead of the traditional 8, and also has motorbikes in it. Some people have been complaining about how the bikes have an unfair advantage over karts because you can get a mini-boost whenever you want by popping a wheelie, but this isnt true. I know this because I have beaten expert players using bikes when I was using a kart.

    Another thing is online play. Again its nothing new to the series but there is virtually NO LAG at all in this version. It also takes less time to connect to a race than the DS version.

    So overall its a good game but it wont blow expectations out of the water.