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  1.  Great party game


    With on-line play, great multiplayer and a decent single player, this is easily one of the must have titles for the Wii. Using the steering wheel, you can easily pick up and master the skills of driving. If you don't fance the wheel however, you can always use the classic controller, Gamecube controller, or even the nunchuck.

  2.  Feel good songs


    I picked this up not really knowing what to expect, but if you like catchy lyrics and generally upbeat tunes, then you will love this. Mixing Soft Rock with almost Pop-like elements you will - like me - find yourself singing along to the songs (unfortunately in public).

  3.  Simple, easy & durable.


    This little blue stick has proved to be one of the most sound purchases this year for me, it's been stood on, sat on and dropped in larger, and still works easily and quickly.

    The best part is (despite what you may have read in other reviews) is that it doesn't need formatting or updating and cetainly doesn't need any drivers. Just pop it in and transfer your files, photos and music to whereever you like, and for just over tenner, you can't go wrong.

  4.  Easy to pick up, dificult to master.


    Quite simply, Mortal Kombat on the Wii is annoyingly addictive, a game which you just keep playing and playing before you rise up out of the game induced stupor and wonder where all the hours have gone.

    The Konquest mode is a fantastic first player, encorporating different styles of combat, whether it be one and one, many against you, or simply you running around picking up items and such.

    There is the obvious arcade mode, allowing you to get to good old MK whooping against your pick of 63 playable characters, old and new. To help with your transition onto the Wii, there is alot of training and practice options that you can choose before you face up against anyone, which I've found really helpfull.

    However, the best has to be the multiplayer, which also lets you get to some good old style whooping against your mates, as well as racing against them in diddy go-carts in a (surprisingly extensive) minigame.

    All in all, MK:A for the Wii is a fantastic buy, which will not leave you dissapointed or angry, wondering why Raiden won't teleport when you want him too.

  5.  Hilarious!


    I've bought all of the scrubs seasons that have so far come out on DVD, and so far, this is the funniest! Its great value too, as you're getting a massive 24 episodes and some great bonus features. Strongly reccomended!

  6.  Cheap, effective and comfy, but most of all, DURABLE!


    I've spent up to around £40 on supposedly stylish and high-tech headphones only to have them break, snap, stop working and (in one case) get partialy eaten. This headset however has been the only one that has withstood the normal typical dangers a headset can get, and sill produce high quality sound. Reccomended!

  7.  A classic, overlooked sitcom.


    The Thin Blue Line is one of Rowan's lesser known sitcoms, obviously covered with the success of Mr. Bean and Blackadder. However, I found that the comedy and situations put forward in this show have made me laugh and laugh. You can't grumble at it for under a fiver.

  8.  A decent Wii game, an average shooter.


    Vanguard is a game which is quite frankly generic of nearly all WW2 games ever created. You get your action, your headshots, your charges and your running around frantically with a bazooka trying to blow up that damn tank. The part that actually makes this game a little bit different is, of course, the Wii controls.

    Now, the controls in this game can be annoying, with anything from the 'not so bad' over-sensitivity of the controls, to a 'dear god I'm going to kill someone' frantic jumping of the controler all over the place. However, this last problem does occur very rarely, and hardly detracts from the enjoyment of the game.

    The big dissapointment however game to the actual length of the game. The actual stages themselves comprise of elaborate missions and objectives and last up to an hour, possible one hour and a half. The trouble is there are only four of them.

    For the supreme fan of WW2 shooters, Call of Duty 3 is the classier and frankly, better game (controls wise). However, don't disregard Vanguard, because it truley is enjoyable and actually looks better.

  9.  What can I say?


    Its a wonder why this wasn't more heavily advertised, because this show is so, so funny. Nick Frost, of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz stars in this crazy, yet informative show on how to survive if the worst case scenario takes place. This show tells you what to do in a range of catastrophes, ranging from a Komodo Dragon attack to a forest fire.

    It's also worth buying simply for the extras, which include hilarious commentary from Frost himself, but also an extra unseen show called 'Danger 50 000 zombies" where star of Shaun of the Dead,Simon Pegg makes a cameo appearance.

  10.  If this doesn't get a BAFTA, then something is wrong...


    A film which brings the American buddy cop film of the 70's and 80's to a sleepy village in Britain. From the people who brought you Shaun of the Dead, this new cop films is once again an instant British classic. Expect gunfights, carchases and to be quoting bits of dialouge from it for weeks.