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  1.  The title is totally misleading - beware.


    This is a throughly nasty and gratuitously violent film. It has a very poor narrative and weak performances. Micheal Biehn who is usually pretty good has a small part that he plays very poorly. It's basically one massive bloodbath and is most unsuitable for anyone who is squeamish. The main antagonist is a raving nutcase and the victims are all predictably stupid. The story is totally unrealistic and very annoying. I did not like the use of children in the film, found it quite disgusting as was the shocking ending.
    I rarely have hated a film as much as this one. Maybe lovers of gore will enjoy it.

  2.  Sharon Stone unexpectedly on top form


    If you like the western genre, you will love this. It went a bit under the radar at the cinema but came to prominence after DVD release. Top movie. Not one bad actor, well scripted and good narrative. Russell Crowe is excellent in it and so is a very young de Caprio. Hackman plays the bad guy to perfection .
    The story is about a knock-out competition for gunfighters, some who have their own personal agendas; hence the title. Be quick on the draw or die. A right motley crew of interesting characters led by Sharon Stone who is unexpectedly good in the female lead, they could not have cast better and certainly her role is very plausible. and the story makes sense. It is one of those films that you can watch several times. The blu-ray is ok but to own it on DVD does not detract from the excellent story. Highly recommended.

  3.  One of the best Jane Austen adaptations - ever!


    As a lover of Jane Austen's books, I was not disappointed in this wonderful film. The skilful and almost perfect screenplay adaptation is the key to the film's great appeal. Emma Thompson was a worthy winner of an Oscar for her writing skills. Ang Lee also is to be congratulated for his direction. He captured the period well and some of the locations are quite splendid. A superb cast brings to life this excellent story of the three sisters ( don't forget the youngest Margaret) so often omitted from other inferior dramatisations. The only tiny criticism is that the casting makes Eleanor too old. In the book she and Marianne are 20 and 18 respectively. No matter, because Thompson's performance is superb. Grant is rather insipid in his role as Edward though and a stronger actor would have been better but Edward Ferrers is rather a weak character anyway so perhaps the hesitant performance was just about right. Rickman is excellent as Col Brandon and the supporting cast: funny, full of joy and laughter and perfect for the Regency era. Anyone studying this book at school ( that is if they still do) should watch it several times.
    This is so much better than the film version of Pride and Prejudice.

  4.  High praise indeed from a non religious person like me.


    I bought this album last Xmas and I love.it. Although I am not a believer I do enjoy carols as they are part of the Winter season. This is so jolly, strong and strident.. Most carols are either sung by crooners, groups or choirs and she is none of them. She brings a new sound to traditional and familiar favorites. I recommend this to anyone to give as a present - you will not regret it. .If you know all the carols well, particularly the Coventry Carol,you will appreciate her singing. The only negative for me was "in the Bleak Midwinter" that does not suit her at all, somehow she has lost the pathos in her rendition but to compensate "As Joseph was a walking" and God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen" are what Xmas singing should be about, lively and almost medieval. Any Annie Lennox fan will want this in their collection. The good thing is she raised money for children in Africa and they are on the album too as her backing.

  5.  One massive flaw in the narrative.


    I enjoyed the film and of course the excellent performances by the leading actors. I shall not repeat all that has been written before but I have just one comment to make: the total implausibility of the story. Nina is so psychologically disturbed and fragile that she would never have been able to remain in the arduous world of ballet. Assuming that the New York company for whom she danced was top level she would have been booted out long before they staged Swan Lake.
    Obviously there does have to be a suspension of belief in a film like this and it does not detract from the overall enjoyment of what is a quite dark and at times disturbing story. Although it did not upset me at all, I have spoken to some women who were quite offended by the somewhat graphic lesbian scene but I am ambivalent about it being an 18 as younger teenagers will love it.

  6.  No wonder it gets repeated - it's so darn good.


    For its genre it is absolutely top notch. Wonderful cast; totally realistic. Poignant, funny, romantic and very well scripted and directed. Cannot fault it. Richard E Grant was made for this role. There is nothing at all smucky about this film and you can empathise with the main characters and the supporting cast are so good because they are all Brits on top form.

  7.  Master and Mistress at work.


    If you want to experience the pinnacle of movie making then see this film. This is Eastwood the director at his very best. Meryl Streep is quite perfect as Francesca, she even gets the accent right. The film is set in a very hot Iowa and Robert Kincaide the photographer for Nation Geographical Magazine stops by her house to inquire the way, thus a wonderful love story evolves. You can almost feel the extreme heat of Iowa as they explore the bridges.
    I am quite amazed that Eastwood did not get an Oscar for this because the film is faultless, also in this role he does not disappoint as an actor; he seems to be quite brilliant at directing himself. This is one of those rare films that can be watched over and over again and it is quite wrong to say the film is too long. To watch the two of them on screen is pure delight, they are both masters of their craft.

  8.  Jodie Foster and Richard Gere in total harmony.


    Jodie Foster' and Richard Gere both at their very finest in this excellent adaptation of the Return of Martin Guerre. Essentially it is a love story and Gere was in his forties when he made this and he does not disappoint in the sympathetic portrayal of the eponymous anti- hero Jack Sommersby. Foster was still young enough to have that wonderful star quality that she has always displayed and that deep Southern drawl. It's a good story backed up with worthy performances by all the main cast including a very sactimonious Bill Pullman. Post American Civil War, it gives insight into the poverty and hardship that the defeated South faced. The soundtrack is dreamy and romantic and the backdrop with its muted colours very affected. Jon Amiel has done a fine job here. It has to be one of Gere's best films and she is just wonderful.
    For those who believe that the narrative is a little far-fetched, you have to remember that he was away for six years but the point is that she always knew the truth and that is part of the strength of her love for him.
    You cannot dislike this film and the ending is the right ending - there could not have been an alternative otherwise the whole story would have been pointless.

  9.  Simple one of the best movies of its genre - ever!


    As the great Barry Norman said when reviewing films that year : it should have picked up an Academy award for best film. It's probably one of Kim Bassinger's slickest roles. Totally absorbing from the first to last frame. Outstanding performance from Guy Pearce and admirably backed up by an excellent Russell Crowe; Danny de Devito is brilliantly cast as the gossip magazine hack. Watchable time and time again which is the essence of any great film. If you want a film that has almost everything and captures the mood of the fifties in perfect film noir this is for you; I cannot fault it.
    The portrayal of police corruption juxtaposed with the status of glamorous celebrity is never over-stated and the characters are realistic. The narrative is absorbing and quite intricate but understandable. The backdrop is very authentic for the era and the action gritty and graphic. As the credits go up, you are not left wondering what happened because the story comes together perfectly. Has to be in my top twenty films of all time.

  10.  This film is thanks to the British Film Council


    How can anyone not enjoy this film? Even if you are not a monarchist the narrative is so strong and the acting so superb that it makes it watchable from the very first frame. A few left-wingers have disliked the film because they say ,correctly as it happens, that not enough is made of the King's " Nazi appeasement attitude and therefore the historical fact is not accurate Leaving that aside overall the film is a delight and with an all star British cast in small but vital roles the film is almost flawless. A salient reminded that now the Film Council is closing down due to the cuts films of this quality will be fewer and fewer.