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  1.  A tear to the eye


    I cant believe people have rated this bad but oh well. My opinion people, to those who havnt seen it, is that this is the best series that had ever been put on our televisions. Its a great drama and iv rated this a well earned 5 stars as i am so glad to have experienced watching all 6 series of LOST

  2.  some flaws


    The story of this game is honeslty great guys. But to be truthly honest, theres just a few to many glitches in this game. the graphics, sound and the whole atmosphere of this game is top notch, but the AI when fighting humans is a let down. seriously, this isnt one of those "i can get by" issues. it plays a big factor on the game. if you shoot a human enermy, lets say they the arm. the human will fall backward and he will try to maintain his balance, and i thought yeah looks good. BUT!!! you cant shoot him again while he tries to straighten up. the bullets dont have an effect. It doesn't do this when fighting monsters though. You will see what i mean when you play it, however dont let this put you off buying it. you will still enjoy it

  3.  Fanstastic but not for sport!


    These are top quality for sound. I struggle getting my mp3 (sony nwz) louder but these do the buisness. They dont leak sound and are a great design. But dont buy these if you want to use them for running. They have made the sleaving on the wire out of rubber so if the wire is moved you tend to hear the muffled sound. But if you use your mp3 going to work on bus, train or just chilling out at home listening to music. Get these. It will enhance the sound of your mp3, creating a deeper louder base but not drowning out the high tones. Plus these will increase the volume of your mp3 greatly which is a porblem with a lot of people. I have bought many earphones (shure, sony, bose, sennheiser) so i know what im talking about and these have been the best so far. I would of gave it a 5 its just they mention its for sport which i totallty disagree

  4.  Amazing!


    This album is fantastic. Each song is usually about 6 mins plus reaching sometimes 11 mins but thats the beauty of it. Progressive rock is the best to descirbe this ablum. They can start with a mellow tune progressing into a heavy rock beat. Plus get a chance to see these guys live, get tickets!. they wont dissapoint.

  5.  Amazing!


    Bought this album and i was amazed. Anyone who is a musician will love this album and appreciate how good these guys are. Just been to see them live at the manchester acadamy and words cant describe how good these guys are live. Best concert iv been to. thanks ISIS

  6.  could of been special


    this game could of been amazing. all the ideas were there but not enough time making this games was put in. first, playing online is simply impossible. second, i bought a brand new computer for this. a computer that should easily play this, but its sticks every now and then for a split second which is so annoying. i tried to put the settings on the lowest and it still sticks so therefor its the game. In my opinion id honestly leave this game. far to many bugs, i could go on for ever. perhaps wait for some patches. but this game is being sold at 24.99 day of release........rarther cheap for a amazing game isnt it.

  7.  Valkyrie 5*


    Had to write this review as some people have gave it a bad review. I dont why though because i found this film fantastic. Please i suggest you watch this film. Some people have questioned the acting but in my opinion its fine, i cant fault it. Music is top notch

  8.  Next Gen Struck World War


    Seriously guys this is a war game to get. I cant stress how much i have enjoyed this game. Good parts of this game is the single player campaign. Its amazing. Graphicly, gameplay and sound. A few images may stutter during cutscenes once or twice but it doesnt effect the gaming experience and doesnt happen during gameplay. If you enjoy single player games this is a defo get game, but if you want more well sorry this game online is terrible from when the online game starts till it finishes. Lagg is the worst i have ever experienced so far but iv only played 4 games so it may change. But please dont let this put you off. Each level is unique. One maybe lovely sunshine, other will be heavy rain and the rain looks awesome, best yet. Others will be at night. Etc. As for vehicles you drive a tank which again is brill.. I could go on forever giving this game positive comments so just get it. It beats cod's campaigns with eassss. Question below = no co-op with this game

  9.  great


    these are great earphones. sound quality is bril. maybe slighty expensive but they are strong earphones which are made to last. you won't be dissapointed if you buy them.

  10.  brilliant


    this film is fantastic and it would go in my top ten favourite films. Plus i thought this film was better than superbad. only a geneous could make a film this great