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  1.  new material


    i personally like this album but know it wont be to every one's cup of tea, its not like there old stuff, which i personally like that they have stepped out and shown they can do more, which keeps my mates quite when they say its just screaming and head banging

  2.  review online play only


    ok the game is amazing detail, like now you can upgrade your perk's.
    very fast paced alot going on in massive maps i think this will settle down after awhile.
    the only flaw in the game is they have stopped party chat so you cant talk to your mate's who might not have the game and now you have to listen to all the american kids, great if your american fast internet so you will die unfairly

  3.  was not sure but had money to burn


    ok this was amazingly good but i played with mates on spilt screen but its great playing with freinds, but would not recomened to people with no freinds sorry to say. we both said it would be boring after about an hour if we werent together.
    very long we played like 6 hours solid and havent scraped the suface
    o yeah the start might seem boring but just hanf in for a little while if u cant do a mission go to another that way you lvl up to do the other

  4.  style


    was not expecting this wow great tune's make's u wanna dance even if you hate to
    really basey nothing like they done much before really would recommend this great songs all the way through not good, there great

  5.  first clint eastwood movie ive seen


    What an amazing movie makes you think about alot of stuff
    Its amazing how this movie has pretty much no action yet it draws you in to watch it all the way through and never being bored which i have to say is very hard these days.
    Id put this up with the like of shawshank redemption being in my top 10 movies of all time.
    Not giving to much away its about an old bloke who is racist retired korean war veteran befriends a young boy and finds out there not bad people and then helps him out from gang members.
    Watch it and trust me you wont be let down its not one to miss

  6.  subtitles i hate but love this


    Ok i have to say don't be put off at the start when you find out its in subtitles for english
    As dont like to read in movies just in case i miss something but even i loved this movie amazing worth the buy and trust me i hate reading lol