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  1.  Hmmmm.....


    I wanted to love this game. I really did WANT to love this game. But, you know what, EA needs to step up on the Bond franchise. For years, our favourite spy has languished in the 'ho-hum, kind of average' category, and this falls right in there.

    Goldeneye was a classic, hands down, but like that re-make of your favourite classic movie, this just doesn't live up to the original. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad game. It's just an average shooter. The problem with EA is that they are so lazy when it comes to game design. Their idea of a challenge is to throw 100 bad guys at you. That's OK if all you want to do is blast away with no regard for story of gameplay, but Bond deserves better. If this wasn't a Bond title, I wouldn't have bothered. But as a lifelong Bond fan, I had to play it. So I did, and was disappointed. Come on EA, put some effort in, like you did with Everything or Nothing.

    Having said all this, for the price currently on site, you could do a lot worse. Just don't expect to re-live your memories of an N64 classic.

  2.  Nice idea, so-so execution


    I had high hopes for this game. The premise is cliched, but well worn. Secret Government experiment goes wrong....horror ensues.
    Unfortunately this is marred by lazy game design.

    Gameplay is linear, as to be expected of a game of this type. That isn't a problem when done well, look at COD4, but here it is almost painful, with the plot seemingly incidental to each action set peice. Here's a free tip to the designers, infinately spawning enemies to drive you in a particular direction are not big or clever.

    The control system is adequate, but I still can't understand why any game has R2 as fire, when your 'trigger finger' naturally goes to R1.

    Graphically, there are a few nice effects, but generally it looks like a PS2 game that has en given a lick of Hi Def paint. They certainly don't showcase the PS3's graphical potential.

    In short, I think it is trying to be to Vietnam what Wolfenstein was to WWII, and it could have been. Unfortunately, for a 'survival horror' game, it only succeeds in being a below par FPS.

    My advice, for what it's worth, save your money and wait to see if the new Wolfenstein is any good