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  1.  Ignore bad reviews... this film is FAB!!!


    I thoroughly enjoyed this film and think it's a steal at only 3.99! I loved all the characters, especially "Kit" (Zooey Deschanel) with her unpredictable mood swings and uncooth social skills. And although most reviews for this movie are positive, I feel the negative ones need addressing. It is what it is, a chick flick, so people who don't like them shouldn't watch. Yes, the storyline is quite predictable and within the first 20 mins you can guess how it will end but that happens with all rom-coms. I have to completely disagree with some thoughts that it is identical to How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. I have both films on DVD, and have watched them quite a number of times and I have to say, I can't find that many similarities! The former is about trying to get rid of someone and the latter about helping a guy let go of the apron strings, move out of his parents house and start living his own life. The only "identical" part is that Matthew McConaughey stars in both!
    The supporting cast are great and it is perfect for settling down on a rainy Sunday afternoon with the girlies!

  2.  A big thumbs up!


    I LOVE this film! The penguins are hilarious, as are ,of course, the main characters Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria. The motley crew some how fashion an aeroplane in an attempt to return to New York City but instead end up just a few miles further from Madagascar, in the middle of an African game reserve, where Alex discovers his past and heritage, and the others find new things to keep them occupied. This sequel is just as good, if not better, than the first. And as per usual, King Julian of the Lemurs is so annoying you want to jump through the screen and shake him up a bit!!! Look out for some new (and old) characters too. Kids and adults alike will appreciate the effort put in from Dreamworks. I personally think this is one of their greatest achievements, second only to the Shrek saga. And a steal at just 3.99... Buy it!

  3.  DON'T read the book first... You may be disappointed!


    As a major Harry Potter geek I had read the book before watching the film so I had very high expectations. And to be honest, after I watched "The Half-Blood Prince" for the first time, I was disappointed at how much detail from the book they had left out and thought it a let-down, even though I understand they can't fit absolutely everything in. However, after seeing it a couple of times more I've come to love it and enjoy it for the parts that are included in the film. I would recommend NOT reading the books before viewing the film because it does spoil it slightly. Also, I know the Harry Potter series is geared towards children but I definately wouldn't recommend letting younger children watch it alone as there are some hairy moments and even I (at age 22) flinched a few times. The story gets very dark in this installment and I can't wait for the Deathly Hallows!

  4.  The Proposal


    Great movie, unusual pairing with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds as the lead actors but, in my opinion, it was a good idea because they have a lot of chemistry as the unlikely couple of the film. Plus, the "Grammy" is hilarious! 5 *****!

  5.  Bring It On... over and over again!!!!!


    Surprisingly, this film is pretty good. As with most movie sequels, the more they make, the worse they get (e.g. Home alone 4), but the Bring It On movies seem to get better. They won't be to everybody's taste but if you like cheerleading and all the bitching and backstabbing that goes along with it, then you will enjoy it. The cast, besides Christina Milian, are all unknown actors but personally I think they act better than some A-listers twice their age. This installment has more or less the same storyline as all the others, but with a different twist. 5 stars!!!!!

  6.  Best Bring It On film yet!


    This is my fave out of all the Bring It On movies, including the first! I LOVE it!!! Britney (Hayden Panettiere), who, when her father's job is relocated, is forced to move from snotty, middle-class high school Pacific Vista (where she is the cheer captain) to the mixed nationality, inner-city Crenshaw Hights, where Camille (Solange Knowles) is in charge. She finds it hard fitting in and after promising her former team she would never cheer again, has conflicting emotions when asked to join Crenshaw's Warriors. There is a great on-screen rivalry between Britney and Camille, and the supporting cast are fantastic, especially Winnie, Britney's replacement at Pacific Vista. She's the girl everyone loves to hate!
    I would definately recommend buying this DVD!!!

  7.  The modern day woman's accessory!


    Not rubbish!
    Although I think it could have been better, it's still enjoyable to watch.
    It's an unusual movie, the fact that there are NO men in it, not even as extras. The only male is the newborn baby at the end!
    As Meg Ryan's re-introduction to a starring role it was perfect, not over ambitious and her character, Mary - loving wife, mother, philanthropist and general role-model - is backed up wonderfully by baby-making machine Edie (Debra Messing), best friend since college, fashion magazine editor Sylvie (Annette Benning) and straight-talking, forward thinking novelist and lesbian Alex (Jada Pinkett - Smith). Also, Eva Mendes takes a good part as home/ marriage wrecker Crystal Allen, the Saks Fifth Avenue perfume counter "spritzer girl" interested in nothing more than using her affair with Stephen Haines (Mary's husband and Wall Street business man) to gain status, designer lingerie, a luxury apartment and a hand up in her acting career.
    Great support from Candace Bergen and Bette Midler too!
    With hilarious lines, talented actresses and fashionable surroundings, The Women is a must-have accessory for any modern day woman.

  8.  Thrilling to watch... ignore negative reviews


    Although most of the reviews for this are negative, I have to disagree.
    The effects are fab, great characters played by excellent actors, it has a good story and gives the audience an insight as to where Wolverine began and how he ended up the way he is in the 1st x-men movie.
    I'm sure that die-hard fans of the movies and the original comic strip will find faults with it being that they're experts on the subject matter but I loved it.
    All the action and stunts are enjoyable to watch and although there are subtle differences in continuity with the other films it still has an interesting plot.
    The only "negative" thing about this film is that Ryan Reynolds didn't have enough screen time or lines for my liking. He is one of the best actors around and I think they could have done a lot more with him in the movie.

  9.  Super BAD is correct


    Biggest pile of rot I have seen in ages - this film is absolute garbage!
    Seriously, if you must see it just watch the trailers because they pretty much sum it up. Jonah Hill is so annoying he makes you want to jump through the screen to shut him up!
    I bought it, watched it and sold it, all within the same day!
    It drags on, doesn't really make much sense, the characters are bland and boring, and the plot is pathetic. For more laughs buy Juno or The 40 Year-old Virgin.

  10.  Strangely enagaging


    Hard to follow and very strange but engaging at the same time.
    I wouldn't say I loved this film but whilst watching it I was totally immersed in the story and didn't move until it had finished. I'm not a fan of Donnie Darko so was sceptical when I watched this but am glad I did. The characters are weird (but in a good way), the situations are bizzarr and the ending apocalyptic - everything you want in a good movie.
    An enigmatic adult version of Alice In Wonderland.
    You really have to pay attention to understand it but definately worth watching, especially if you're a fan of any of the actors in the movie.