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  1.  Maybe a Step Back...


    The 1st TDU, was a fantastic game, and to think it was a game launched at the same time the Xbox was launched, it was fantastic. I'm a little disappointed with the second one. Its got everything the first one had but its not as pick up and play as the first. Originally, you got a sum of money, bought a car and that was it. Now its all about gaining specific licenses before you can due pretty much anything of importance.

    Cars, Graphics, Interiors and Houses are the games plus points, they are designed amazingly and cant really be beaten, even though they have not changed much from the first (which is a testament to the first one). Handling and performance are a little poor, especially with the normal cars, i found my self spinning out even on straights.

    Its a good game and definitely worth a play, just need to put some good hours into it.

  2.  Modern Day Classic...


    Plan B (Ben Drew) is a rapper, singer/song writer and actor from London. His first album "Who Needs Actions When You Got Words" was a fine hip hop album from an emerging british talent. This album tells of the rise and "defamation" of Strickland Banks, a fictional character, with each song explaining a part of the story, similar in a way to the highly regarded Streets album "A Grand Dont Come For Free".

    He mixes soulful and harmonious singing with gritty, fast flowing rapping which is what separates him from every other soul singer out there. I personally don't agree that he should leave the rapping out, its what makes him what he is, a multi talented, highly skilled individual. This album has some instant classics like "She Said", "Stay Too Long" & "Welcome to Hell". This album will go down as a modern day classic and the number one spot on the charts reflects his talent and the content of this album.

    Highly recommended.

  3.  Unbeatable.


    I was a massive fan of the first Uncharted Game and couldnt wait for this one to be released.
    It has some of the best graphics i have ever seen on any gaming platform, it blends cut-scenes and actual gameplay effortlessly. everything on this game is perfect, from the voice syncing and character animation.
    The storyline is second to none and honestly has to be seen to be believed.

    If you liked the first one then this is right up your street. Must Buy.

  4.  Amazing


    I don't normally like movie tie-in tee's but this has a sense of humour.
    Print quality is great, tee fits extremely well, i got a large and it fits a treat. It's quite a heavy tee but that just shows good quality material.


  5.  Gotta Love Atticus


    Seriously, Atticus have always produced brilliant shirts, its not too heavy, its well printed and feels & looks like a great tee!!

    £7.99 is the best price you will any atticus tee at! so you cant lose.

  6.  Great Tee!


    Bought it a few days back and only took two days to get here. I ordered a large and it actually fits perfectly! I love the design and the quality of the tee is amazing. There's not much more than i can say other £9.99 for this is extremely good value for money!

  7.  Great Headphones


    These came highly recommended by a close friend. Bass in amazing in such a small frame and headphone. With the added bonus of being fold-able and easier to move around.

    The only thing i would say, which would be specific to this colour way, would be the chrome isnt as dark as it is in the picture. Although it it hasn't bothered me that much, they are a lot lighter when you get them. Not worth deducting a star for so overall these are an amazing buy!!

  8.  Explosive


    This film was absolutely fantastic. Its builds the tension throughout the film and then it just explodes into one of the best films i have seen.

    The cast is fantastic, from superstars like Jamie Foxx to the unknown Saudi actors everyone convinces you and play each part perfectly.

    A must buy.

  9.  Well Worth It.


    Been playing this for the past couple of days and i have got to say, its a fantastic game. Control system is relatively simple and easy to use. Graphically, along with Gears 2, i would say this has some of the best graphics available for the Xbox 360, its clean and crisp and almost perfect.

    As for the story it keeps you involved, and keeps you jumping. All the different styles of aliens/zombies that you meet and kill along the way mixes it up and makes you work harder to defeat them.

    Weapons are fantastic and you will have loads of fun using them and blowing pretty much every limb off your enemies. Also it has a system called Stasis, where it allows you to slow down fast moving objects and also enemies. This can prove extremely helpful if your being attacked by multiple opponents but use its sparingly as it does run out.

    Its quite a dark and gruesome game, which sometimes hinders it as it can be hard to notice things and take them in. If you love blowing limbs off then this will do you just right, and for £24.99 its certainly money well spent.

  10.  Good Value


    This overall is a good value bumper pack of Goodies for the PS3 which in all fairness doesn't need a lot in the way of add ons.

    The bluetooth headset is crisp and clear although it can be a little tricky getting it attached to your PS3, although it had no problems syncing with my phone. Got very good clarity.

    As for the HDMI cable it does the trick, i never see the point in paying ridiculous money for something that people say make it clearer. At the end of the day all HDMI cables are capable of full HD 1080p so it does everything thats required of it.

    The triggers offer an enhancement for one of the main flaws of the PS3 pad. Although i didn't think they worked that well i can see the reason why they are available.

    As for the USB hub, i didnt really use it because i have the 60gb PS3 model which already has 4 usb ports but would be a great benefit for anyone with 40/80/160gb versions.