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  1.  poop !


    I'l open you up like a village fete !! best line in the film, Other than that probably one of the worst "football hooligan" movies.... just above Cass ! worth a watch though.

  2.  Not Great.....


    Completed this very quickly, Some good idea's but on the whole graphics are vey average, the driving mission is terrible, only real good thing is the story is the same as the films. this game will be down to 17.99 b4 long wait until then if you really want this.

  3.  He's avin a laff !!


    This is an absolute steal for £4.99. Great throughout... the out takes will have you laughing your socks off. Ricky Gervais and stephen merchant are brilliant, o yeah and who can forget Barry from Eastenders... lol.

  4.  Great childhood memory


    I have watched this film on a number of occasions and loved it everytime. Russians Invade America and a group of school kids form the Wolverines to take on the Russian army...... lol. Red Dawn is great viewing for a teenager.

  5.  They know how to throw a party !!


    Fantastic series. Knocks spots off of skins. This series is not the same without Kev and Veronica but still a good watch. Frank Gallagher is superb.

  6.  Loved this film


    I thought this film was fantastic. I am legend is on the same lines as the 28 days/weeks later with alot better storyline. Although Wil Smith is the only one you see for the best part of the film it shows his acting quality. This film with have you jumping out of your skin and it will be pulling on your heart strings. Overall a great watch. I will definately be buying this on dvd. O yeah, lookout for the batman/superman bilboard in the film.

  7.  What a shame !


    I was looking forward to this game but after playing a few games on single player mode I was unimpressed. the gameplay doesn't seem as free flowing and the replays are very laggy. I do like the the fact that some refs are harsher than others, and some of the skills are good fun too. I think the makers of the game hate Frank Lampard because he is crap in this one too ? might be a traitor and give fifa a go. good luck

  8.  single/multiplayer superb allround


    Got to be the best yet of the COD collection. Graphics are amazing and the sniper level is superb ! The maps are well designed too.

  9.  Crackin !!


    Loved this film. Great performances, especially Craig fairbrass. Not too sure how true it is to the real Carlton Leach after reading bits about him. Ramsfan, I fall asleep watching your team lose every week.

  10.  Super Duper


    Loved this game. Its abit like Crash Bandicoot, Superb graphics.