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  1.  Superb for the Price


    For under a tenner these are really good quality headphones. I have been using these in replacement to my Sennheiser £30 headphones which had the cable to the left hand side go, but even these are better sound quality than they were. Movement doesn't distort the sound and it's very clear. Would recommend these to anyone for the price, interesting to see if they last longer than the couple of months my £30 pair lasted! Don't see why they wont.

  2.  Addictive Game, Great Multiplayer, no online gaming.....


    Straight out the pack and in the PS3 and you can play this game free flowingly in single player or multiplayer mode with a smile on your face!

    Good graphics, very good gameplay and it seems to have a long life. The mini games are also very fun in multiplayer mode and single player (for a while!).

    The career mode is ok, it's a bit of a slow one with the mini games taking up most of it, but they become a bit tedious when you have to play them continuously.

    The lack of players is also very noticeable. When you compete in your first tournament and beat Roddick and Federer with ease you wonder why they haven't made some players up for the lower tournaments!

    Injuries? Why have they included injuries? Worst thing in the game! Go on to win a tournament to find you have to click x 12 times to get to the next week available, a pointless add on.

    The major disapointment obviously is no online play. If there was online play this would be a 5 star game.

    If you like playing mates or just generally like a game where you can pick it up and play it with ease, get this! One of my must have games.

  3. NHL 2K7

    NHL 2K7


    3 New from  £14.95  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £13.58

     Pretty Decent, unfortunatly not enough!


    When I saw this for £17.99 I had to get it, came within a couple of days and I put it straight in the PS3.

    Initial thoughts were of rage! It was awful! I couldn't get to grips with the control system and found it painfully difficult but I carried on going and grew to like the game.

    The problem I find with this is it's not got a addictive gameplay. It's a pretty hectic game which has a lot of potential but from the little i've played it so far it has failed to reach it's potential. I will be trying to play this more but with a few other games around on the PS3 that I own I can't see myself playing it too often.

    I would say this is definately a game for the Ice Hockey enthusiast, maybe even as a substitute for lack of football games (personally prefer NBA at the same price) but it just doesn't quite do it for me.

    For £17.99 I can't complain though, thank you play.com for a very good and very competetive price!

  4.  Great Game, Few annoying bits but overall love it!


    I am a big Tiger Woods fan, owned all the games since 2002 and seen the changes in the game for the better and worse, but I have to say this is probably the most disappointing game of the lot. To make this review simple to read I am going to list it as Pro's and Con's.


    - Graphics
    The graphics are good, infact they are top notch compared to the other Tiger Woods games. The golfers look spot on, the bunkers look good, the water looks great. I've even managed to create an almost identical version of me, which I have not been able to do on any game in the past!

    I do feel however there are a few added things such as when the ball hits the sand you expect sand to go up, nothing of the sort! It's just like hitting the ball on a high friction fairway!

    - Gameplay
    As come to expect with Tiger Woods the gameplay is superb. Been the same since my first one in 2002. You will get hours of fun out of this game, even if you're not a big fan of golf, admittedly like me!

    - Extra's
    So many more ways to kit out your golfers it seems, and one thing I do really like are the mini games added to increase your stats. Try and beat the current Tiger Woods challenge golfer in a wide range of skills or just beat the clock, good fun, a bit repetetive though.

    Great playing online multiplayer, the only problem I find is not so much a problem but more an annoyance, if you come up against someone I can almost guarantee you they're from the US of A! Not great but not a problem, would be nice to see the English in there but it rarely happens. The voice chat is great too, you can't type chat in game though.


    - Smoothness
    It is really frustrating to watch you play a shot, the ball enter the air and it kind of slow-mo's in the air, you expect a smooth game with this. It also has a few flaws when players are walking. It's frustrating to watch!

    - Commentry
    The commentry is the usual from Tiger Woods games, nothing wrong with that. What I don't like however is how when a shot is played the commentry is barely hearable because the background sound is over the top of it. Awful in all honesty. The commentry is a joy to listen to and I can only think you can listen to it if you turn off the background sounds, which is a big no no!

    - Autosave
    Every 2 seconds it autosaves!!! I haven't turned it off yet, will do when I get round to playing it again because I can't be bothered to wait for it to save after every mini game! Slows the game down!

    All in all it's a good game, but if you want a very good golf game I suggest wait until Tiger Woods 2008 is out, probably in August time! Hopefully they wont have overconcentrated on the graphics by then.

  5.  Brilliant, addictive, fast, lacking multiplayer....


    Now this game really is brilliant. I have to say I haven't got far on the single player mode though due to online play!

    To start with you get a great entrance scene, the bit that you see first really makes you admire the quality of the PS3 itself and sets the world the game is set in. Shows you some vehicles and gives you the soundtrack. The scene is breathtaking, especially in HD!

    Single player mode is a bit repetetive in the respects as racing is, you will always be going round and round the same lap, but MotorStorm has a difference! The layout is such that there are endless routes around the track, some suit some vehicles and not others, but never is the race the same on the same track! Sounds strange but you will occasionally find routes blocked off, which means there is some variation in this game!

    There is also the brilliant crash scenes! You ride a motorcycle, you think you have the quick vehicle, you do, but you also are prone to being shoved into or off rockfaces taking you a couple of seconds to respawn, frustrating but fair!

    Online is a different gravy! I am truely addicted now! You have the online users who are eager to learn tracks and get around in record times, but I love it for the gameplay, the variation in drivers, the trying to force each other into the rocks! And the joy of winning if you do! It's not easy!

    The BIG BIG PROBLEM with the game is, no offline multiplayer options. I know they are trying to get us to go online and use games but it's ridiculous. This is a game I would love to have a few mates over and battle it out with each other! First racing game i've played where multiplayer isn't an option! If it wasn't for this it would have been a 5 out of 5 rating for me, unfortunatly this lets the game down for people who can't play online as it does take away 75% of the game for me. Luckily I have the net to play it.

    But, I would still recommend this to all, brilliant addictive game which should last a very long time in my PS3!

  6. NBA 2K7

    NBA 2K7


    1 New from  £19.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.74

     Great fun, not the easiest for the play for fun gamer!


    I'll try and make this easy to view and quick to read for buyers! The worst points are:

    1) The computer team tend to score on every attack! It's ridiculous!

    2) The computer team tend to win the majority of rebounds, at both ends of the court! Maybe it's me not timing it well? It just seems to happen a bit too often!

    3) The menu's are awful! R3 to enter and exit menu's! I don't know if my settings are saving etc!

    Then we get onto the good points, which i'm going to say is the game itself, playing it really is fun despite the difficulty level for the average gamer (myself!).

    I'm one of these people who gets a game out and likes to play it at a reasonable level for fun, but not perfect the game. That makes this game a little tough! It takes some getting used to but it's still a very fun game to play with many different modes. The normal court game is great fun, then you have the no rules street game which is also fun but a bit easier as you just foul on the shots!

    I would really recommend this game, i'm no big basketball fan, I don't even fully understand the rules, but this game is a joy to play. It's certainly worth the £18 it's currently for sale for, I would go as far as saying £35 is a good price for it!

    If you're a sports fan, get this!

    p.s. Not played online yet, heard it's a bit quiet due to it being released late, but EA usually has friends leagues modes etc for online gaming so will have to look into this soon. And a final note, you can't score ridiculous 3 pointers with any ease whatsoever, which makes the game a lot more realistic than some of it's opposition!