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  1.  Terrible sound quality; not worth the money at all.


    After testing these headphones for nearly two hours, they are not worth the £45 price tag. If you've got £45 to spend on headphones, you're better off getting something from Sennheiser, preferrably a full-size pair of headphones, not in-ear ones.

    I compared these Denons to my current headphones, the Sennheiser HD 215. I paid £45 for them back in December 2008, and they're much better than the Denons. The only good things to say about the Denons are that they look good, and the bass is good, but the rest of the sound is muffled and tinny, which will not do when you're spending this much on headphones.

    You'd have thought with these headphones coming from Denon, which is a company synonymous with audiophiles, that they would have high sound quality contained in the little headphones, so you can imagine my disappointment when I plugged them into my Zune for the first time.

    Long story short, avoid these at all costs. They're not worth the money.

  2.  You get what you pay for


    Which in this case is a cheaply-made splitter that doesn't work all of the time.

    When the cable is plugged into the splitter, you usually have to move it into a certain position for the sound to come through properly.

    And the plastic casing is so cheap it's laughable. It fell to the floor from about waist height, and it completely fell apart.

    Don't buy this. Go for the 20cm Headphone 3.5mm Jack Splitter Adapter Cable Lead (search on here); it's less than £3, and it's flexible unlike this one.

    If you prefer something solid and well-built, then Belkin make a good splitter for a fiver, called the Blue Series, and if you wanna go all out, there's another one from Belkin, called the RockStar, that costs £8, but it can connect up to five headphones!

  3.  Good while they lasted.


    I've had these headphones for just over 6 months now, and they've done me good. The bits in the retractable headband have snapped on both sides, rendering them useless now, so I've had to go and buy a new pair of headphones. :( I had this problem with my last pair of headphones as well, which were the Skullcandy Terje Nine headphones, so it looks like this is a problem associated with most of the Skullcandy range.

    But this is a great set of cans, especially seeing as they're less than £30!

    The sound quality is brilliant. I was actually able to notice distortion in some of my lower quality MP3s that I never noticed before. If you play your MP3s at around 128kb/s, you'll hear a loss of quality that you probably won't notice in cheaper headphones, like the ones that come with an iPod. But listen to them at 192kb/s or above, and these headphones will reward you for having your MP3s at high quality.

    The bass is good and hard on this set. It's also not overpowering, so it doesn't feel out of the mix with everything else.

    One of the best things about these cans are the way it blocks out external noise. You don't have to turn your MP3 player up too loud to surround yourself in your favourite songs. These headphones sit comfortably around your ears, and do a great job of isolating you from the outside world. A little word of warning if you've got big ears. You might find them a bit uncomfortable when you've got them on. My ears are slightly bigger than normal, and I had a very slight discomfort with them. The earcups are designed to support normal-sized ears, so if you've got big ears, you'll find it a bit of a struggle to get all of your ear in the cup. For me though, it was very very minor. It didn't make me uncomfortable, so if your ears are only a little bit big, this shouldn't put you off.

    Overall, these are an excellent set of cans. They're well worth their £27.99 price tag. They deliver great quality that you'd normally expect to pay around £100 for! Just treat them carefully if you get a pair, because if you don't, they will break. If you fear about them breaking on you, look at a pair of Sennheiser headphones, but if you do, be prepared to spend a bit more for a pair of the same quality as these!

  4.  Great value for money!


    I've had these headphones for 5 months now, and they're still as good as the day I took them out of the box!

    Unlike my previous Skullcandy headphones, these haven't broke at all, and there isn't even any signs of wear and tear. It's a very robust pair of headphones aimed at people with big heads, like me, so it suits me down to a tee.

    The only criticisms that could be said about it are a slight lack of bass, but that is possibly a good thing. In some very bassy songs, you can hear it, but you don't feel it unlike other headphones, so it doesn't ruin the song or your ears. The other criticism is possibly the cable is a bit long for most people, but then again, this is aimed at DJs, so a 3m coiled cable is perfect for them. It's not really aimed at typical use say, outside on the move, but it's excellent at that task for me.

    The looks are a bit love/hate. You may hate it at first, but it should grow on you, like it did on me. It's a great retro-style look that outclasses any iPod earphones.

    Overall, this is one of the best headphones you can buy on the market. The sound quality is top-notch, the looks are great, and it's huge and robust. Why do people stick with their cheap iPod earphones? Do yourself a favour and upgrade to something like this. Immerse yourself in the sound with a pair of classic-style headphones.

  5.  Flawed in almost every aspect


    I've had this phone for over 8 months now, and frankly, I wish I sticked with my Sony Ericsson W810i.

    I'll get the good bits out of the way first. It's very thin, it looks good, the TouchFLO 3D interface is good, and the camera is good for a phone, as long as you're taking day shots.

    Right, onto the bad. The touchscreen is way too sensitive. It goes off a lot when in my pocket if the power button is nudged to turn it on. It's also no good for making phone calls or texting. The screen turns itself off after a few seconds if you take a call, and if you're going through an automated service, it's a git to enter the keys. You have to press a physical button to bring the screen back on, then you have to press the bottom-left of the touchscreen to switch to the keypad. Speaking of calls, this phone takes a while to disconnect from a call if the screen isn't on when you press the end call button. It takes a very long time for it to start up in a working state (at least a minute). There is also a bug I've recently discovered in this phone. Sometimes pressing the end call button on the TouchFLO 3D screen will end up registering as pushing the right arrow. It's very annoying, as you have to hold that button down to lock the phone. Thankfully, just putting the phone into sleep and then waking it up resolves the problem. The TouchFLO 3D interface is really good looking and user-friendly, but unfortunately, the phone runs on Windows Mobile, so if you go beyond the TouchFLO 3D, you're transported back to the Windows 95 era. Windows Mobile 6's interface is a decade out of date. It's ugly and slow. If Google Android worked properly with this phone, I'd switch to that.

    This phone is just terrible in almost every aspect. Probably explains why HTC have already brought out the Diamond2, which is improved in almost every way compared to the Diamond, but it still runs on Windows Mobile, which is the main achilees heel. HTC are turning slightly to Google's Android operating system with the Dream (T-Mobile G1) and the Magic. Hopefully they'll switch their entire range to the big G in the future.

  6.  A great multiplayer experience.


    Left 4 Dead is basically Valve taking Half-Life 2 and turning it into a Zombie game, but surprisingly, it works!

    I love this game, because it forces you to work as a team. If you stray away from your teammates, you will pay for it, no doubt.

    Left 4 Dead is mostly online-orientated. There is a single-player mode, but it's basically the same as online, but you play with AIs (and not very good AIs either). You can have up to 8 players online; 4 playing the survivors, and the other 4 playing as randomly-generated special zombies. The downside to playing as the zombies is when you die, you always have to wait 20 seconds to respawn. It gets annoying after a while. They could have at least let us play as one of the regular zombies to fill the time.

    The other downside about Left 4 Dead? Bugs a glitches. Yes they are present, and this is Valve we're talking about, which means there's literally a 1% chance of them getting fixed on the console versions. Valve remain faithful to the PC gamers, but they don't give a toss about any of the other gamers. Take Team Fortress 2. It's been out as part of The Orange Box for over a year, and Valve haven't fixed any of the bugs in the game on the 360 or PS3. They also haven't even provided any new content, whereas the PC version is chock-a-block with DLC!

    My advice is if your PC can play Left 4 Dead, get it on there. You'd end up wasting your money with the 360 version.

  7.  Very good, but outdated and underplayed.


    I've played Lost Planet many times before, and it provides a great online experience. Unfortunately, it's lacking in players for two reasons. The game didn't sell too well, and also, Capcom re-released Lost Planet last year in the form of Lost Planet Colonies: the same game but with new multiplayer content, the biggest flaw being that original and Colonies players can't play together.

    I'd keep away from this version and go get Colonies. If you're still unsure about this game, there is a demo available on the Xbox Live Marketplace, and there's even a multiplayer demo on the PlayStation Network, which gives an excellent preview of the online part. Make sure you get the game cheap though, because Lost Planet 2 is coming out this year!

  8.  Good things come to those who wait


    If you buy Microsoft Points off Xbox Live Marketplace, you'll have to buy either 500 (£4.25), 1000 (£8.50), 2000 (£17), or 5000 (£42.50) at a time.

    If you could buy 4200 Microsoft points off the Marketplace, you'd be paying £35.70, as Microsoft charge us 85p for every 100 points. Here on Play.com, you're saving just under £3, but it adds up in the long run!

    If you planned to spend £34 (added a pound on, as you can't spend £33) on Microsoft Points straight off the Marketplace, you'd get 200 less, and you can get some decent stuff for 200 points! You could get a Rock Band track, or even two if they're priced at 80 points! You could also get a pack of gamer pictures, or a theme!

    If you're not in a hurry to get Microsoft Points, and you're happy to wait for three days at least, then by all means get this!

  9.  Good things come to those who wait


    If you buy Microsoft Points off Xbox Live Marketplace, you'll have to buy either 500 (£4.25), 1000 (£8.50), 2000 (£17), or 5000 (£42.50) at a time.

    If you could buy 2100 Microsoft points off the Marketplace, you'd be paying £17.85, as Microsoft charge us 85p for every 100 points. Here on Play.com, you're saving only the 85p, but it adds up in the long run!

    If you planned to spend £17 on Microsoft Points straight off the Marketplace, you'd get 100 less, and you can still get some decent stuff for 100 points! The best example would be a special Rock Band track!

    If you're not in a hurry to get Microsoft Points, and you're happy to wait for three days at least, then by all means get this!

  10.  Last-gen camera for a next-gen console.


    I've had the Vision for over a year, and I'm afraid it hasn't proved to be worth the £30 I paid for it.

    The camera is lackluster at best. The PlayStation 2 EyeToy has a better quality camera, and it has a microphone built in. It also has a much better framerate, whereas the Vision will struggle to hit even 20FPS in a brightly lit area.

    There isn't much out on the 360 to justify the Vision as must-have. Some games (Rainbow Six Vegas 1 & 2, FaceBreaker, etc.) do allow you to put your face in the game, but every time I do it, I look like a cross between Gollum, and one of those made-up faces they put together on Crimewatch!

    You can video chat on the 360, but for me, it is never used. I've only ever used it once. Everyone on my friends list prefers using a regular voice chat. This is mainly because if you want to have a video chat, you can only do it on the dashboard, and you can't do anything else while you're chatting, which makes it pretty much useless.

    My opinion is if you are keen on video chatting, and you really want to put yourself in a game, then by all means go for it, but approach with caution!