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  1.  Great film ruined by bad transfer


    I loved this film, but I also love my high end tv.
    The clash is that the high end tv shows how poor the transfer is. The large epic scenes are studdered, the blacks are less prononuced.
    Put it simple, Dr No on bluray was a better transfer than this. All it takes is a good studio and some patience. I feel this was released too early to avoid clashing with Star trek, Harry potter etc. Wait for a better version is my view.

  2.  Watch it, Love it, Hide it.


    Lets get this straight, i loved the cartoon and toys when I was younger. But this lets it all down and is simply not a good film.
    The effects are the only thing thats good...sort of...
    The story line is so boring and generic.
    The transformers use humour taken from the show: sister sister.
    Most of the new characters are made up for the sake of the film.
    And lastly.... ...despite all this.... I loved the film, the fight scenes were like the cartoon film. (over the top by a mile but so much fun to watch). Any child will love the effects, and fan will love the nostalgia and any newcomers will wonder whats so good about it.
    The key is dont think about this film, just watch it.
    Deep down i love this film, and deeper down im ashamed to say so.
    Watch it, love it, Hide it.

  3.  Fantastic songs, fantastic album.


    I bought this album on a whim. It was worth it. Songs like Europa and Preliator are epic songs, with fast beats and a brilliant orchestra.
    Others are laid back relaxing songs. It has everything you could want.
    The varied music styles make it a must buy for anyone who likes music. 5 stars is easy.
    Cant wait for the next album.

  4.  James bond is serious again


    No gadgets, no cheese, no need.
    No im not talking of the film, im talking of the negative reviews.
    This is the start of bond, the gadgets will come.
    Its a proper version of Ian Flemings bond. Read the books watch the film and enjoy, the fresh slice of action and bond.

  5.  Just Get it


    Anyone who buys a game for its intensive story needs to sort themselves out. If you want that buy Metal Gear 4 on the PS3.
    If its an enojyable game you want:
    Gears 2 is fun, its gritty and its replayable. Online its immense fun over and over again.
    Just get it.

  6.  Realism at a new standard


    Its highly realistic, action packed and an epic experience.
    The slow movements and hide/peek add to the games realism.
    Its a hard game, its meant to be, there is no fancy guns, no lovable characters. The atmosphere is of war. Its violent and unforgiving.

    Like call of duty 1, kz2 sets the new bench mark for how all fps should look and play.

    However this is an adult game! I cant stress that enough.

  7.  Irritating to all but the user


    Just buy it, I work in an office of fools and this sums up what i think of their opinions.

  8.  Coldplay finally get frozen


    Parachutes amazing.
    Rush of blood astonishing.
    X&Y quite good.
    Viva la vida rubbish!
    If i wanted to listen to a band who wrote music with an inflated ego id listen to Oasis. If i wanted experiemtental id listen to radiohead. If i wanted both id now consider coldplay. Coldplay get with the old stuff. Guitars not Banjos. Music Lyrics not sesame street songs.

    Im sorry but i returned this album its so bad.

  9.  A must for any gamer, it defines a first person shooter


    The game is both well designed and fluid. It takes advantage of next generation harware to create a realistic world.
    The gameplay is spot on, its fun to play and has good replay value.
    But....online it quite simply is staggering. There are no high end laser guided missiles, no flamethrowers. Just proper weapons. You shoot or be shot. Its fast paced, well thought out and will have you playing again and again.
    The only flaw is the shortness of the single campaign and the method of dying then restarting, only to know where the enemies will be every time.
    But still it shows us what the next generation of shooters should strive to be like. Forget halo, medal of honour etc, this is how you make a first person shooter.