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  1.  Excellent


    Don't expect fast and furious.
    This is a slick and well thought out thriller with an 80s feel to it.
    Gosling is fantastic and his performance reminded me of a young Clint Eastwood and the character he portrays is very much like the man with no name from a fist full of dollars.
    You know when you have seen a great film when you wake up the next day thinking about it and this is one of those films.

  2.  Simply Stunning


    I have played all of the Uncharted series now & they have all been amazing games.
    Brilliant story, characters & game play but what really sets this game apart is the graphics, they are incredible.
    The textures, smoke, fire, water, sand, glass all just look real, & the scene where Drake is in the sea almost made me sea sick!!.
    This game pushed the PS3 to its maximum limits & filled the Blue ray disk so they couldn't make it any longer.
    There are a couple of minor niggles, after all there's no such thing as a perfect game. but for me some of the enemy AI is a bit dodgy, all enemy look identical, controlling Drake has got harder (he runs when you want him to walk) but don't let this stop you getting this brilliant game.
    You know when you have found a good game cos you want to be on it all the time....& this is one of those!

  3.  Get the popcorn ready!


    Amazing CGI, incredible sound & awesome action.
    This movie is not to be taken to seriously though, some of the acting is a bit wooden, especially Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who is just awful (although nice to look at!) her pathetic blond bimbo character trotting about in six inch heels among utter devastation without a mark on her almost ruins the movie.
    Shia though is excellent & brings in a bit if comedy just at the right times.
    One of the best of the 3.

  4.  Cast Iron Movie!


    This is one of the best medieval movies I have ever seen.
    The scenes, settings & costumes are so amazing its like having a history lesson as well as watching a great movie.
    There's no make up, clean shaven men with designer hair styles & American accents just pure iron, leather, dirt & blood.
    Just as you would imagine it would be.
    The story is a simple one, for a simple age & is fitting but also keeps you interested.

  5.  Suits You!


    I haven't tried the online yet but I'm just finishing the story.
    It took a while to get going & after a couple of hours I really started to enjoy this game & can't put it down now.
    I bought this for the stealth game, being a huge fan of the splinter cell & MGS genre, there are very few stealth games on the market at the moment.
    I soon realized though that this game is probably more of a FPS & the stealth just comes in handy to aid you past some enemies & therefore doesn't stand up to either Splinter or MGS.
    However this is still a good game, a lot has been said about the graphics & yea they are very good but there is better out there, they don't have the crispness of KZ3 or dead space 2 for example.

  6.  Cracking Shooter!


    Really enjoyed this game & thought it was an improvement on KZ2.
    I'm quite picky about graphics & found this game to be top quality in this area, some stunning scenes & fantastic art work & designs.
    Story line was good and game play was smooth.
    Weapons & cover system both a big improvement.
    Online took some getting used to as at first other players have upgraded & have so many more perks you just cannot move to begin with.
    The infiltrator perk where opposing players adopt your teams ID is very annoying & a bit pointless.
    After a few hours online & several upgrades things improved but it does get a little repetitive as there are not enough maps.
    At the reduced price though well worth the purchase.

  7.  Need the subtitles!


    Great remake & a real change to see a modern quality western.
    Only downside I would say, as in my title, I needed the subtitles on to understand what Bridges was saying as he sounds like he has a mouth full of toffee.

  8.  Fantastic


    I didn't really play dead space 1, but saw the reviews for this & thought I would give it a go whilst the PSN was down.
    Completed it a couple of weeks ago & have to say its one of the best games I have played.
    Amazing graphics, really detailed & crisp, the atmosphere & sound especially through a surround are just stunning.
    I can't fault the game really, just didn't want it to end.

  9.  Real SCI-FI


    I'm about 20 hrs into this game now & getting more into it as I play.
    Graphics are good, not as polished as Dead Space 2 but still very good.
    There's a lot of game here for your money, loads to do & a variety of ways to do it.
    You form your own character both in appearance & personality.
    Lead your team into various missions on various locations, space stations, alien planets etc.
    Only slight & minor draw back I would say is weapons are not that great until upgraded, commanding team & some controls can be a little confusing & back drop graphics in places are a little mushy, but I'm being fussy here.
    A must buy!

  10.  Bit Dull


    Never seemed to get going really.
    Amazing cast but below average storyline lets it down.
    How its an 18 rate I don't know, no real violent scenes or what you would expect from a gangster film & would have benefited from maybe a dash of humour here and there.