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  1. Rage


    Xbox 360

    10 New from  £10.79  Free delivery

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     Overlooked? Underhyped?


    Firstly i have to say i was shocked this evening to see no one on my friends list playing this. 90% of people at the minute i would say are playing fifa 12 or gears of war 3, which is far enough as their both recent releases. I just want to make it clear, however, that it would be a crime to skip past RAGE this autumn. The game is amazing. It's one of the best looking games you will have ever seen on console period, The voice acting and character animations are superb. Enemies are smart, they don't just duck and bob behind the same piece of cover waiting to get shot in the head. They'll duck, roll, jump off the wall or ceiling, flank and duck again in every effort to make you miss. Huge amount of weapons with up to four ammo types for some of them, plus deployable turrets, r/c bomb cars, wingsticks, attack robots. There's so much more to do other than just the main quest, theres extra jobs to find, decent minigames to earn more cash, races, or just exploring the gorgous open world. If you've ever liked any type of first person game then i urge you to give rage a try, there's something here for everyone.

  2.  The most immersive FPS experience to date.


    (full game review) I really can't think of anything bad to say about this game... To start it truly is the best looking game on console but the sound is also arguably the best too. The levels are so much bigger than other more linear FPS games, and not just wider but vertically bigger too. This adds tons of replayability and variety to the gameplay. The campaign is a decent Size too took me 11 hours and only on normal. This is by far a new standard for the FPS genre and a must have for any shooter fan.

  3.  Great Game =D


    The sheer number of ways you can approach killing a group of enemies make this game a breath of fresh air into the FPS genre and very fun to play/experiment with. Multiplayers great too you really have to work together to progress. gets 4 stars for the campaign being too short, and i want more!

  4.  Not bad at all...


    Picked this up as a rental as im always a bit when i see a new game on the shelves i've never heard nothing about so obviously the publisher didnt think enough of the game to do much advertising for it.
    Its been suprisingly good so far though graphics and sound all very nice, fairly interesting and at least unique story. The ability to age and/or make objects younger to solve puzzles really adds something new and different to the FPS genre this can also be used as a weapon to age your enemies into dust.
    Theres some nice set pieces too that keep the game interesting, its almost like a cross between call of duty, bioshock and fear in some ways.
    can't comment on the multiplayer as i haven't played it but i'd still say this is well worth buying or renting 8/10