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  1.  A great way to progress the series


    This book is truly amazing. Despite the fact that I am pro Edward, and hate Jacob with a passion, I could not stop reading. It is a shame that there is a lot less Edward and Alice in this, but it's all within reason. New Moon progresses the series in a very interesting way by fully introducing Jacob for what he is.

    The fact that Edward is missing makes this book even more a page turner than the first book, simply because you want him back so badly that you'll race through the book.

    I give Stephenie much respect for this book.

  2.  I slept on this series for years


    I slept on Twilight for years because I felt it was for girls. The idea of a girl playing two guys (vampire and werewolf) just seemed like something girls would dream of to make themselves feel better. But I am a person who loves a good story, so after seeing the films with my two female cousins I decided to read the books.

    This book (as with all of them) is way better than the film. There is much more detail and more story telling. Twilight Book 1 is a great way to get into the series. It has great characters, besides Bella being a little bit too emo at times, but that's just who she is and I respect Stephenie Meyer for it. Edward and Alice are some of the best characters created, and I am so pro Edward it's crazy. As you will see from my review for New Moon, I hate Jacob with a passion even though it's another great character.

    I recommend this book for everyone who is into fantasy fiction, romance or people who just enjoy a good story. Yes this book is every girls dream, but males can enjoy this book too from a different perspective.

  3.  Amazing Album


    Slaughterhouse is bringing lyricism back to hip hop, every real hip hop fan should have this album. End Off

  4.  Intense and Emotional Programing


    WOW an amazing 3rd season here, it deffinatly had me even more gripped than season 2 and i was a big fan of season 2. this one gets you emotionally envolved with the characters...stringer was my favourite character and the events of the second from last episode shocked me, i was like NOOOOOO!
    this is deffinatlly the best tv show i've ever watched and i will be copping season 4 as soon as i get paid. I highly recommend people watch this show.

  5.  Wicked


    I heard alot about this show form my american firends so i wanted to check it out, i bought this season because the 1st was out of stock and i LOVED it..i just ordered season 3. This show pays so much attention to detail and the last few episodes get real emotional and intense. Avon, Strings and Mcnaulty are among the few characters that make this show real intresting. Best TV show period.



    i'd never played a devil may cry game before in my life, but i downloaded the demo because of all the hype and WOW! i like it better than ninja gaiden.

  7.  amazing


    best game ever, i bought it from play and ive spent so much time on this game. i keep starting overr too just to create diffrerent types of characters because theres so many customizations. its real hard too thats the thing but hey games are meant to be challenging

  8.  great


    just got this today, its my first ps3 game..its wicked, you generaly feel like your fighting for your life while shooting up them damn aliens. and online mode was wicked, i was merkin people online lol. A must have for ps3