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9 (33% helpful)

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  1.  quality if not hard game.


    ok so the above review does not do this game justice.
    you can save but only at certain *check points*
    there is no tutorial because you have to work stuff out for yourself.
    usually i find folks who don't like this game do so because they cant play it.
    it punishes noobs and bad gamers.
    very good game, but expect to die a lot and i mean a lot.

  2.  fantastic!!


    wow what can i say, this album is by far the best thing i have heard in a lot of years (yes i meant years)
    it just proves the manics are still on top of there game after 20 years.
    best tracks for me...
    Some Kind of Nothingness, played loud this is stunning.
    Auto-Intoxication, rock out.
    A Billion Balconies Facing The Sun, another good rock track.
    lol i may aswell just list all of them.
    i have played it 6 times today, and today isn't over yet.

    so manics fans old and new get this album, you wont regret it.

    pure quality.

  3.  outstanding.


    this game is every bit as good as expected, theres reports of it been too linear well it is but the story carries it along at a good pace and the game opens up after about 20 hours and all final fantasys are a bit linear.
    the story is awsome, the characters are awsome the combat is just superb and you have to be on your toes.
    all fans and newcomers should get this game and kiss goodbye to your life for a few months.
    5 worthwhile stars.

  4.  worth it just for the space game.


    Ok, i got to the space bit in about 5 hours and was a bit underwhelmed with the 4 (mini games) they could have been a lot deeper but this game more than makes up for it with the space section, it is soooo addictive, lots of misions to do, frantic space battles, befriend or make enemys with other teams even sculpt your own planets to how you want em complete with pink water if that floats your boat.
    I would give it 10/10 if the early levels had been deeper so 9/10

  5.  good film but should be called something else.


    the book is awesome so i expected big things from this film, sadly i was a bit disappointed, if it had stuck to following the book then this would be so much better.
    not bad though but it should have been called something else.

  6.  outstanding.


    this game goes back to old school turn based roots and it is simply superb.