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  1.  What a let down.


    Having spent the entire budget on special effects, there was obviously no money left for any lighting, or decent actors.

    The cast consists of z-listers who have work hard to keep that label. The acting (or lack of it) is a real shame, as it could have helped the movie go from 'pants' to 'meh - it's alright'

    It's night time and crapping it down with rain for most of the film, so visually, you don't see much, and when you do, it's filmed so close, it's just a wet blur ... you're left trying to focus on blurry fast moving objects giving yourself a headache working out who is who, and susequently who to cheer for.

    AVP showed a lot of promise (if not raising some questions - like how come it only takes an hour for the Alien to become fully grown?) and i thought this one would be Alien 2 crossed with Predator 2, action-wise. It wasn't. It was just crap.

    The 2 stars are for the special effects, and because i couldn't bare giving something with such an illustrious resume 1 star.

  2.  The stars say it all.


    The best animated show on TV. Far funnier than the Simpsons, and it knows it.

    Hilarious, random adult humour that makes you wonder how it gets past the censors in one piece.

  3.  Awsome sequel.


    It was going to be difficult to follow the first in terms of quality, and grit - but it just about pulls it off.

    Pretty grim at times, and pretty gorey - this adds the hollywood touch to beef up the action, and special effects.

    Die hard fans of the first will probably dismay, but don't write it off straight away.

  4.  Pretty cheesy, but way better than the first.


    After the yawnfest of the first film, this one beefs up the action considerably.

    Established characters, mean there is not milling about for the first half of the film, and so it gets straight on with the story. Very children friendly, and pretty cheesy - it's still a lot of fun and keep you interested right until the end.

    Shame about the underused Dr. Doom though.

  5.  Sleeper hit.


    Pretty much unheard of until now, the is a real sleeper hit. A great storyline, and intense action leaves you wondering how you missed it at the cinema.

    If you liked the Bourne Identity, The Fugitive, or Eraser - you'll love this.

  6.  Excellent.


    A fresh look at the secret agent genre. In terms of realism, it blows James Bond out of the water.

    An in depth plot, incredible lead character, and lots of intense action. One of Matt Damons best films.

  7.  Cult Classic.


    No film before or since has been able to get anywhere near the physci and way of life for surfers.

    A great storyline, believable characters, and lots of action. Gary Busey provides a nice bit of humour on the side and helps the plot along.

    A great film, even if you're not into surfing, and a true cult classic.

  8.  One of Scorsese's finest.


    Great characters, a tense storyline, good twists, and Jack Nicholson. Great stuff.

    A brilliant tale of betrayal and loyalty from both sides of the fence. Brutal, realistic violence .. foul language .. with a bit of sex. A classic.

  9.  Brilliant.


    One minute you're cringing, the next your laughing out loud. Easily as good as the first series and a must if you like anything Ricky has done previously.

    Very entertaining, though probably excruciating if you work in the TV industry :)

  10.  Comedy classic


    Slapstick, comicbook humour. 2 of the best childrens films ever. I defy anyone to watch these and not laugh.
    Your kids are guaranteed to be giggling all the way through these.

    Well worth a buy.