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  1.  Legendary!


    My personal favourite Disney film of all time, im a 17 year old lad who still loves this film today; i dont know why but theres something about it that makes it feel so special!

  2.  Add it to your collection!


    If you are a Scrubs fan, you must have this DVD. The humour and plots for the storyline only get better! This series dives deeper into the emotions that all the characters have and despite to say, the random day dreams JD has seems to die a little (but this isn't a bad thing!).

    Buy this now!

    You will laugh and you wil cry, but trust me on this, its worth every penny.

  3.  Looking positive!


    Having not yet played the game yet, video clips of gameplay and interviews with developers make this game shine! The enviroments are nealy 100% destructable and the co-op play wil be so much fun! Please consider i havn't played this game yet although it looks considerably good.

  4.  Game Of The Generation


    Infinity ward have really pulled off something special here. This will no doubt, be the best first person shooter game you will ever play. And yes, better than Halo 3.

    As similar with all other Call Of Duty games, there is a campaign mode with a linear (and at one point, a non linear) storyline.

    The gameplay truly is next generation. The detail put into everything you see on your screen is outstanding. The guns are so realistic, you cant explain it!

    If you have Xbox Live, then prepare to loose youre life! The multiplayer for Call Of Duty 4 is most likely to be recognised as a huge achievement in online gaming.

    Infinity ward have concentrated on producing a high fast paced multiplayer system where gameplay never becomes repetitive.

    Use your own tactics to turn the outcome at the end of every match, every kill counts.

    This is the best game I have ever played.

  5.  Bizzare, please stick with racing games.


    After playing the demo i was pretty dissapointed with this. Okay, at least bizzare and sega have attempted to make a good arcade-themed third person shooter, but the thing that gets me thinking is, what really is the point of the game?

    You basically go through level after level shooting people. Everytime you shoot someone, you score points, the more people you kill, the higher your kill combo becomes and so on.

    There is no initial storyline for this game, either linear or non linear. Its basically a run in and gun everything game.

    Strongly reccommend Stranglehold to this.

  6.  What an awesome sequel


    Downloaded the demo to GH3 this morning. I havn't stopped playing it all day. Each indvidual track is absolutley perfect for this game, it gives you the hype to keep on rocking through out the day!
    Buy this game, even if your are new to the Guitar Hero franchise, this will rock you world.

  7.  Ace.


    The best game ever. Online is absoloutley fantasic. Worth the omney in every way.

  8.  No Red Alert Beater


    C&C is losing its touch, it cant compare to the red alerts on the pc, or even Generals in that matter. I would still personally buy this game if you own an xbox 360, this is most probably the best strategic game out for xbox 360 at the moment.

  9.  No Xbox Live? No Buy


    This game really is amazing, similair to counter-strike on the original xbox, make sure you have an xbox live membership when purchasing this; if you dont, you wont be able to fully explore the capabilities this game has to offer.