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  1.  online perfection


    lots of servers, lots of players, lots of guns and lots of adaptions.
    This for me is the best shooter to take over from battlefield 2...absolutely love it. The graphics are good even on the lowest spec which i use.
    Buy this game if you love online shooters, the single player game isnt my thing im afraid. a good game but i need to shoot real people lol
    In answer to -xshpsh 08/04/2011- It might but youll have to check the specs, I know the windows 7 pcs are slightly less powered than the vista models so it could be close.

  2.  Pants


    This has to be the worst game I've played online and I had sniper ghost warrior....avp is worse, the level of play is abysmal, the games are frantic, which as a fun few minutes is fine, but the sheer lack of skill makes this game abysmal for the longer period.

    Avoid this game.

  3.  A good attempt.


    I wish you could use half a star as well.

    Not as good as the original, the worst of the predator franchise, but dont include the avp range as those are abysmal in comparison.

    Lots of homages paid to the original, as someone mentioned the use of a gattling gun, mind you, the rest of the guns are unique.

    Enjoyed this film a lot, but its not as good as the original.

  4.  Adequate movie night film


    As the title suggests I was happy viewing this film, the acting isnt great and story is a little more special effects driven rather than anything else.

    Enjoyable but dont expect too much.

  5.  Best season yet


    I know season 1 was cutting edge, 5 was awesome, and the others barring 6 were very good, but this season for some reason just completely captured my attention. I usually use my indoor bike and watch a dvd on it, but with this I couldnt do both.

    I hope others enjoyed and enjoy as much as I did the whole last 5 episodes...incredible.

  6.  Unexpected


    This film caught me totally off guard, it kinda reminds me of an old samurai film in some parts, others like crouching tiger, and others like some odd dream.

    If you watch this film, dont expect anything from it, its not blade or twilight or like anything you've seen before. Some of the acting is a little hammy...but...in my opinion kristen stewart stinks and people love her.

    An excellent picture.

  7.  An unexpected wonder


    Bought this the other day as it was something that intrigued me, and oh my golly, loved every second, the acting is excellent and the humour keeps coming in spades.

    You have to own this film.

  8.  I need new pants!!!!


    This film is incredible, yes you can argue its all been seen before, but how anyone can find the characters annoying is a little beyond me. The feeling of fear invokes a thought in me, a strong one, "what would I do if it was me?"

    Once the characters are in the water, the scale of the ocean becomes apparent while also keeping the danger close and the action frantic. This movie is a must see for me but I will admit I do love sharks so I may seem a little blinkered. This isn't jaws, there isn't a cheesy fake shark, the use of a real shark, shot from multiple angles gives the real fear feeling, there isn't some cheesy one liners or a nice guy, a geek, a hotty and jock, it portrays real people, in real peril.

  9.  My favourite movie.....ever


    Don't think I can add to the array of reviews already out, I just had to say this is the best movie of the year in my personal opinion, the story, acting, effects, directing, music and locations are so good it makes green with envy at the people who can create something as good as this.

    Paul Greengrass has brought spy thrillers a talisman of a movie, I loved casino royale, but this is plainly head and shoulders above it.

  10.  Oh dear....something went wrong


    To sum this movie up is quite easy, lots of explosions.....and thats about it. The acting is abysmal, Cena is a poor mans Arnie, big in muscle but lacking any sort of presence in front of the camera.

    The writer is most likely on strike now, and if this is the quality of his work I suggest he remain on strike.