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73 (81% helpful)

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  1.  Disturbing stuff indeed... extremely disturbing...


    This book should never have been published. First of all, I simply cannot believe that Mr.Wilbur Smith, an author I revered, has written this book. The style is so different to his pre-Assegai books, that I simply cannot assimiliate it to that of the great writer.

    Second of all, the level of gratuitious sex, incest, and indeed, snuff, is more than enough to put you off reading Mr.Smith's books for life.

    The little story there is, is so sketchy as to be unbelievable and improbable...

    I am sorry to have purchased this book, and it will be surely the last of Mr.Smith's that I have bought. I will look on my Egyptian, Courtney and Ballantyne books with affection...

    But this is absolute garbage. The detailed incest and killings have made me sick.... 0...

  2.  Amazing and jaw-dropping...


    This album is pure emotion, a roller-coaster of highs and lows that will make you headbang most of the time, and with certain passages, bring you out in tears... it is absolutely, absolutely amazing!!!

    Rarely have I heard such an album...without a doubt, it will be compared to Nightwish's recent effort Imaginaerum, with its bombastic production, and Tarja-like vocal style...

    But this is a fresh approach to an overworked genre...

    By track 7, 'The Dream is still alive', I was trying to hide the fact that I was weeping. ... and the riffing, I was blown away by the guitar-work.

    There are no fillers in this album, and it is great to just let it rip through the car stereo speakers as you blast down the road...

    Preview it and BUY IT!

    10 out of 10!

  3.  Absolutely fabulous...


    Just back from another viewing of this movie at the cinemas, and once again, I am gob-smacked.... Forget the presence of Rosie-huntington-Whitely... were it not for her curves, she could've stayed at home. Shia once again pulls no punches in his acting, and he is maturing well as a great actor.

    The action sequences are nothing short of stunning, although naturally, quite improbable, and the fact that no major character buys it is a bit unreal, but hey, this is an action movie through and through that will be enjoyed by everyone.

    I though that the running time would be a hindrance, but everytime I see the movie, time just seems to fly...maybe the first 40 minutes after the intro are a bit slow, but after those 40, hang on to your hats.

    Can't wait to own this on Blu-Ray!

  4.  Excellent.... and a sad book at the same time.


    To have the view of a prisoner is something I haven't experienced, and in this final volume, Jeffrey Archer has penned his experience in a readable manner, that is sometimes, sad to behold.

    Some rules simply do not make sense.... you can't eat a cake somebody sent you in case it is full of drugs... but you give it to children with special needs? Or to senior citizens. I always thought the British were a mad lot.

    And sent to Lincoln because he had dinner with his wife and a friend? It wasn't disallowed... so why the heck did it happen? I was actually very angry at the officers who were responsible for this atrocity. As was the initial verdict. It was clear something funny was going on.

    Such a plethora of different rules for different prisons... and while some of the inmates were given sentences befitting their crime, there were other repeat offenders who were regularly sent to the same 'open camp'. It made for confusion in the rules, and Jeffrey Archer expressed his views, opinions and facts clearly.

    This is a book one HAS to read... Lately his fictional books have suffered a bit, but this is a series that I could NOT put down.

  5.  Oh dear me....


    Let me get this right... this is the same Wilbur Smith who wrote River God , Cry Wolf, Hungry as the sea, and the Courtney blockbusters?

    Are you sure? Because it doesn't feel like him at all... free sex descriptions adorn this tome, and the characters are underdeveloped and the story so implausible.

    Lately Wilbur Smith's books have been really bad, and while this thriller sets a gruelling pace that makes you read on , it has no real depth to it.

    Oh, by the way, this book is exactly like The Golden Fox. Absolutely the same, with just a few characters and a little change in scenario. I kept forseeing what was to happen every time.....

    This will be my last Wilbur Smith book.

    Those in peril..... people reading this book are just that... in peril of losing the great image of a previously impeccable wordsmith... I'll stick with the old books.

  6.  Heart-warming and incredibly funny,


    This is the surprise hit of the summer. I was not expecting much, and with the so-so beginning, I was thinking that this was going to be painful...but right from the time when Gru makes an entrance, I did not stop laughing. A villain has his heart melted by three little girls, and is made to do anything they ask of him.

    The storyline is superb, Gru's voice is spot-on, and the minions are nothing but hilarious...

    Unmissable, and one of the top two movies of the year....Train your Dragon being the other..

  7.  Seriously funny.


    This is, without a doubt, one of my top Sitcoms ever.

    The (mis) adventures of this dysfunctional trio of priests, and their tea-making addict housekeeper, had me in stitches everytime.

    Bump in the fearsome Bishop Brennan, and things always end in a disaster. Being a sit-com related to religion, there are the usual puns and innuendos that one will either feel comfortable with, or be needled, as they strike very close to the heart of the matter.

    Naturally it is with a light hearted view that this show must be viewed. To me, a practicing Roman Catholic, it is as true as could be.

    Dermott Morgans untimely death however was a blow, as I am sure the trio would have returned for another series.

    Well recommended.

  8.  A must-buy


    As a high-def translation, this is simply jaw-dropping, and every subsequent spin is like a new viewing.

    Fantastic renditions, beautiful soundtrack (Our Town is astounding!), a sad story and a great humane finish!

    The extras on the disc are also great...well worth seeing.

    I think that this is without any doubt the best blu-ray I have ever seen.

  9.  Beautiful and hilarious


    Just the thought of a monster team like Mike and Sulley is more than a little improbable...and in the context of Monstropolis as a world, is nothing short of hilarious...little in-jokes that crack you up.

    Couple the above with the beautiful rendering of Blu-Ray, and the effect is mesmerising. the hair on Sulley is nothing short of breath-taking.

    One of my favourites, and a great translation to High-Def.

  10.  Is this real or what?


    "I slipstream past F.Massa on turn 5, blasting down the straight at Melbourne Park, in 6th place, as the radio crackles in my ears...'Take this guy down..he's a slowcoach.' As the silver car in front of me whips into the chicane right in front of the lake, I step on the throttle, hurtling my VJM03 Force India past it on the cut-back, realising that it is Michael Schumacher. Alonso is now in my sights...approaching him three laps later, and I dupe him by going wide before taking the inside lane, and he has to give way....the battles have unfortunately taken too much time, and Button has escaped my clutches. I settle for fourth place, starting out from tenth, happy to pick 12 points...."

    I had been waiting with bated breath from the very first time I heard about F1-2010. When my 360 game plopped into the letter-box I was ecstatic.

    Loads of laps later, and I am still hooked. The physics on this simulation are nothing short of amazing. Graphics are top-notch and the sound on my huge Sony speakers is nothing short of astounding.

    The exhilirating feeling of creeping up on a car, tucking in on its slipstream and using the extra power to whip out in front is absolutely breath-taking...

    The UI is also good, and I especially liked the way you start out with one of the 'smaller' teams, and opting for a 3 or 5 year season contract. Naturally one has also the option to participate in 'Time Trials', driving any car on any circuit, trying to beat your best time. And here is probably about the only gripe I have, although it is crucial. In the time trial, the smallest contact with a wall or bit of sand, invalidates your lap... do it again and your NEXT lap is also invalidated.

    This is nothing short of idiotic, and a slap on the wrists for the programmers. I can understand getting a penalty for cutting corners, but not for the merest offence. The act itself is already going to lose you precious time, and for purists, driving the perfect lap is paramount.

    I also thought podium celebrations were sadly missed...but not too much to manke an impact on my enjoyment...

    Apart from that little grumble, I have to admit that I am enjoying this game immensely. Money well spent, and a joy to play.

    And after the race, just sit back and watch your race efforts in glorious flowing video.

    This is a must-buy.