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  1.  A must buy for anyone with Xbox Live


    bujubanton I agree 100%

    I bought the Limited edition at launch and traded it in for this without hesitation when it was released and it was well worth it.

    You get all but 1 of the DLC released since it's release (the classic car pack was released days after this released) that's an extra 100 cars and an extra track.

    But what you also don't get is the VIP status (T10 send you free cars every now and then and you get a [VIP] logo online), the limited edition cars (Ferrari 430 Scuderia, Lamborghini Gallardo Supperleggera and the Porsche (997) GT3 RS), the pre-order classic car pack and limited edition tracks (The snake named tracks from FM2, Benchmark Ring) you have to buy them off the marketplace for MS points to get them

    Apart from the lack of DLC which came with the Limited Edition you are getting 3 exclusive cars, the Koenigsegg CCX (absolute animal), Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG (very fast and a laugh) and Lexus LFA (focused track car).

    In my eyes you should buy this (17.99 is a bargain) and buy what you want of the marketplace for a small fee. I recommend the limited edition car pack

    If they charged 24.99 for everything it would be 5 stars, but 4 is good enough

  2.  The ULTIMATE Mobile Phone


    There is no mobile phone out that compets (iphone is special). One awesome thing with this phone which nobody seams to mention is the windows texting function, instead of recieving an indavidual text one at a time it makes texting into a conversation like on Instant Messenger. Yes there are a lot of other phones out ther but can you name another which has windows, 8GB built in (with MicroSD slot), 5 MP camera, tourch (light), mouse cursor, real internet, GPS, busines card reader and many many more. Although it has all these functions and tones of settings for them samsung has made it's own User Interface to make it easy. Belive me if you want a high tech mobile phone and as simple as a normal mobile phone get this one.

  3.  just watched


    A truley awesome film, really makes you think what power the government has (I know it isn't possible, but it might be). Really good story, but i think it's a one time watch film.

  4.  What they prommised


    They promised a simulator which makes forza look like an arcade racing game, on some points that's true e.g. spinning out looks and feels more realistic. The cars are awesome, you get from LeMans racers to the Koenigsegg CCXR street car. The graphics are hard to explain because when you're in the car racing everything looks better than Forza but the detail on the cars isn't that good at all. They say it's a racing simulator yet you can't do any real damage you can dent you car (nothing comes off or looks sever) and it has performance damage so they say but that's all that hap[pens is a warning symbol comes up to tell you your car is knackered but the only thing which goes wrong is the steering and gear changes are a bit slower, so it's not a simulator in that sense. A.I. is awesome with up to 15 opponents it really makes it a racer. Also unlike forza in the replays the cars don't look like on the road, they look like there floating some how (like drifting on Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights).

    Overhall I'm happy with the game because they made it just for the pleasure off racing and when your in the cocpit view with 15 opponents on a track you know and love nothing yet compares to it...yet (Forza Motorsport 3).

  5.  Answer to Jackko14 question


    YES this does come with an HDMI port but no HDMI cable you'll have to buy one seperitly

  6.  ??War Film??


    This is not a war film this just basically explains how and why the picture on the front cover came to be so famous and appealing to the American public. It does have some scenes of the war but not enough to know the story. The majority of the film is following the three surviving soldiers who was in the picture on a campaign tour to make more money for the government to purchase more bombs for the war. To sum up this film its not a war film like Black Hawk Down its a drama about 3 war "Hero's" (They only stuck the flag in the ground after the first flag which was sent away) who are the representatives to make money from the public to support the war. $14 Billion is needed to fund the war.

  7.  Xbox 360 Elite owners


    this works so easy with the Elite if you use the HDMI port. You can plug the HDMI into your TV direcly to save money on another HDMI lead and just use a optical, red + white anologue lead. I recomend you use the optical because the sound affects are incredible Call of Duty 4 is incredable you can tell the exact possition of an enemy just by him walking. I also recomend getting the Sona HCS-2 Surround Sound Speaker Stands make sure the speakers are as high as your ear. don't be put off by 350W its loud enough trust me

  8.  MS Racing Wheel


    If you how the cars felt and handled in Forza 2 with the MS racing wheel then forget this game.

    Hard to believe how a Microsoft Published game CAN'T work with the MS racing wheel, there is no force feed back, no rumble from slipping/slidding, there is no indecation that game was ever compatible for the racing wheel even thought that it says so on the case. They had the excuse of PGR3 was out before the MS racing wheel but what excuse have they got now?

    For people who loved playing forza 2 with the MS racing wheel DO NOT purchase this game it's just a waste of money

    (all the abouve comments on carear mode, graphics and weather are 100% correct)