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  1.  Absolute blast... for a while


    When you first get it out of the box, this game is a straight off 5* winner. Starting easy in a skatepark, allowing you to learn the tricks and gametypes the game has to offer.

    The customisation is broad, allowing you to create a completely unique look for your skater in regards to their clothes. However, I was dissapointed with the creation of the actual character. Making your skater look like you, or even close to how you want it, is a mammoth task. This is quite simply because the stock faces given to you to customise all look like they have face planted off of a 150ft half pipe... 10 times. Lets face it, it is hard to make an omlette if you are only given egg shells.

    Next gripe is that the amount of activities are actually quite limited. You have your standard race and 'high point trick areas', plus the S.K.A.T.E. mode. On top of this there are a few other modes, but these all become repetative quickly. The online feature is great fun though. Hitting a rail perfectly that your mate just bailed on puts a big smile on your face (and allows for lots of taunting).

    The trick system is diverse, however some are so complicated that unless you have 7 arms, you are only going to end up doing the same 10-20 tricks throughout the entire game. Sure, still quite a few, but not half as many as this game could offer with just a slight tweak to the control system. Don't get me wrong though, the 'flick-it' control system is great fun to use.

    One last point, if you are an achievement hunter this game is most definitaly NOT for you. I have completed the game, and then gone out of my way to get some more of the achievements. What do I have to show for it though? A mere 75 gamerscore. Some games give 3x that just for completing them.

    So, gameplay is good, graphics are solid, diversity of tricks and gametypes are decent, online?? Yeah that holds up well too. So why the 4/5 and not 5/5??

    Shelf-life. I was addicted to this game when I first got it, but now it is sitting on my shelves gathering dust. Maybe it is because I am not a massive fan of skateing games? I don't know, but after 2-3 weeks, this game just didn't have enougth to keep me going back for more.

    YES to skateboarding fans, skateboard game fans and gamers just looking to add something different to their collection. However, if you are looking for something to keep you occupied for any length of time, or a game to keep you going a few nights a week for a few months, then this is not for you.

  2.  Phenominal


    Truly amazing. COD4, Halo 3, Rainbow 6 Vegas 2... whatever game, this is a must have.

  3.  OK...?? No, BRILL


    Under £18, and it is still played by the masses on live. Wow. I need not even explain why to by this... The price tag speaks for itself.
    Highly recomended.

  4.  Come on... it has nukes...


    This game has been rated badly by the press. But i still don't know why. The only good press it has recieved is 9/10. And that is what it deserves.
    I am currently on my second play through of the game and it is still as fun as ever. It carries on the traditional mercenaries trademarks... The tounge-in-cheek humor, the massive explosions and the stunning interactive hijacks.
    This game has a first-class story, a nasty (but brilliant) sense of humour, and is just amazingly fun.

  5.  Great Game


    Really good game. Sure, single player demo was shocking, and multiplayer was good, but now in the final version both are PERFECT!! :) good buy and well worth the money. (btw the sniping I have no trouble with.)

  6.  Really mixed reviews and this is my opinion... hope it helps


    I was all ready to buy this game about a month ago when i came on play.com to see what others have said about it, and up to then the reviews were almost all very poor. I have now learned not to neccecarily go with the mass idea. This game is AMAZING!
    The first thing that jumps out at you is the graphics. They are out of this world, and put most other next gen games to shame.
    The story is really gripping too, and although slightly short, it isn't as bad as other games. It also nicley leaves the door open for a sequal, and this is really clever by Ubisoft.
    The gameplay is quite basic, but also challenging at times. And a review I read before I wrote this said that the fights are button bashing, and I couldn't agree with this less. If you are skillfull enougth, there are many moves to be performed, and more to be learnt as the game progresses, however if you do like hacking your way through hundreds of people, then it is just as fun too.
    The only downside that is major is the lack of online X-Box Live gameplay. This is why COD 4 and other games like this just beat this one as my favourite.
    Don't get me wrong though, this is a VERY GOOD GAME, and you would be a fool to not buy it. 9.5 out of ten, hopefully Ubisoft will adress the X-Box Live issue for a sequal (fingers crossed). But hey, nothing's perfect, (well, other than Call Of Duty 4!!), I hope you enjoy this truly amazing game.

  7.  Amazing, top game for christmas, if not of the year!


    I got this game with my x-box 360 about a month ago, and as soon as I got home i popped it in to see what all the hype was about. And WOW! Even from the intro video you can see how good the graphics are, and the main menu isn't complicated to navigate and should be obvious. As soon as you start the story campain it throws you in the deep end. You start off as a new recruit at a training camp, training for the first mission (on a cargoship). This mission basically acts as a training mission, and, unlike a lot of others, isn't boring once you get the hang of it.

    The actual gameplay is amazing. Before this game I wasn't a huge fan of FPS' and didn't really play on them. Now, however, i have already got Halo 3 waithin for me under the tree for Christmas Day!! It really is amazing. It is fast, responsive, and yet simple, allowing even the first time FPS players to have a good chance.

    I do have one reccomendation though, DON'T DO IT ON THE EASIEST MODE! I tried it after I had completed it on a harder difficulty and in comparison it is so short is it unbelievable.

    If you do it on a harder difficulty however, then I don't actually see where the acusations of the game being too short are coming from. It is long, in depth, and yet still totally gripping and not in the slightest bit boring.

    There are also many reasons to replay the game, such as the acchivments and the enemy intel items (I have all 30).

    So if you don't have it already, or have not ordered it WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! This truly is a masterpiece and well worth a big 10/10, shame i can't give any higher.




    Whoever thought of making a game where a yellow ball rolls around is an absolute GENIUS! The graphics are colourfull and fun, and the game play is as addictive as anything. Hours of fun with just the two sholder buttons. Also, because it is so simple, it is very easy to learn the controlls, so this makes it ideal for beginners to the PSP console. And for the rest of us, it is a very good idea to add it to your collection. ENJOY!

  9.  Brill... best thing to happen to star wars games


    This is the Death Star of Star Wars games. Sure, people are saying i "could be better", but couldn't everything?? The multi-player mode is fantastic as always with the battlefront games. But one of my main complaints about the first one was the single player game. Well, my prayers have been answered, and the game is now flawless. As good looking as Padme and a fierce and exciting as Anakin/Darth Vader. Brilliant.

  10.  I am glad I only borrowed it :S


    i was told by one of my mates that this game was an absolute blast on the ps2, which for all i know it is, so i decided to borrow this psp version off of a different friend to see what it was like. Expecting a lot, i loaded up the game, and after half an hour i was bored. Now i am glad that i borrowed it because it kept me occupied for a while, but i can think of a lot better things to spent that sort of money on. Onto the actual game, the graphics are poor, and the gameplay is shallow, and frankly just as bad. It had protential, so hardcore transformers fans might like it, but that is the only thing that gives it a two star rating instead of a one star. A dissapointment.