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  1.  Demo - Try it!


    I have waited over 3 years for this game. Splinter cell has been my favourite game series since the first game stole my heart, but as the games kept coming out it was just the same game with a different story, but still kept me entertained. Double agent tried to do something different and some of it worked and some of it didnt. This is the next stage of taking the game down a different path and initial videos and gameplay looked seriously bad.

    After a billion delays to this game it finally looks like a game that will be worthy to be called my favourite game series. So thank you Ubisoft for delaying this game sooo many times, I forgive you!

    I ran home (in a car) when i heard that a demo was released and downloaded it straight away. The first time i played it, i wasnt impressed, and actually alittle bit disappointed. The game seemed to lack the skill that the old one required, you can now walk into a room and target 3 people, run at someone and punch them and then execute the other 3. It was only after i started using all my gadgets and got used to the new controls that i realised how amazing this game could be. I felt like i was playing an invicible hero, but still mortal, which is why i love splinter cell.

    I have a minor issue in that with the increased graphics there isnt a clear indication of where the shadow ends and you often walk into the light by mistake when approaching a target. The game goes black and white when in the shadow but when the colour comes back to say you are no longer hidden it is often too late and you have been spotted. But the game feels real and this just adds to the feeling of being mortal.

    Even if you hate splinter cell, download the Demo and play it! Give it afew trys as the first time you wont be able to click with the controls. Even though this is the 5th splinter cell game (6th on wiki), everything about it is new so go and download it. It doesnt cost you anything and it may well be the best game ever! (in my opinion)

  2.  Back to earth!


    Bio Shock was defiantly one of the best games I have played, but I only played it through once as starting again didnt have the same wow factor and so I put it to the side and never touched it again. This seems to be the same, worth playing and Im sure it will be one of the greats, but unless there are unlocks or something unique to Bio Shock 2, I feel this will be another complete and ignore game. Worth playing, so dont be off put by that, it is a story telling game and not a game like Hitman, there is only one real way to approach it... BOOM HEADSHOT!

    I havent completed the game yet and havent got far. Just got the camera to do research which works just like the previous one. Only this time you target something and then fight in the normal way with a camera filming it and you get research from what guns and powers you use on the target. Which is a vast improvement on taking a photo, as those splicers are camera shy!

    I know this is a sequel and so changes had to be made, but I take major issue with the big sister. It doesnt feel right, although the story has yet to explain them, I dont think they fit in. A big daddy was great because they stomp around and have heavy armour and you can believe that they are gonna take some beating, the big sister however, is too modern and feels more like a greyfox character (from Metal Gear Solid). Fast and small but twice as hard as a big daddy, seems wrong for that setting, if you want something to be stronger you just put more metal on it! And on top of that, at the moment I have nothing to combat them other then hoping that I have enough bullets and first aid kits!

    Same moral issue as the first, only this time you can adopt the little sisters and harvest a few corpses before the girl gets tired and you have to release her back into the wild. You also get a hacking gun now so you can hack from range instead of having to jump to get in range of cameras on the walls.

    There are a few more little changes to sort out issues that were raised in the first game, but so far this game doesnt come close to it! If you loved the first game then you will love this one, as its just more of the same!

    Yet to try multiplayer but even if its rubbish its a great idea and might keep you playing long after you complete the game!

  3.  A change of pace!


    Mass Effect 2 is a great game, although it feels like i was just getting started and the game ended.
    You find out your final objective early in the game and you spend the entire game getting ready for the final mission by doing loyalty missions and mining planets for upgrades. The game isnt that short and kept me coming back but most of the game feels like an introduction which is odd for a sequal.

    If you are an experianced gamer you will want to turn off the AIs ability to use their powers as when being charged at by a mechanical Dog the last thing you want is not to have access to your close combat push back because your computer friend paniced and blew the cooldown the second it entered combat. The AI is ok on easier difficulties but on anything above normal you will need to point them in the right direction and hold their hands the whole fight. If done correctly you can become a powerful force. Complaining about the AI is pointless unless you have tried to use all the comands at your desposal, as you are playing the comander.

    Unlike the first you now simply fire probs at a planet to collect resources and dont have to land and explore unless there is a mission on the planet, this speeds up the process but feels less envolved and so resourse collecting becomes boring fast. On a secound playthrough you get loads of resourses to start with so you dont have to do it all over again, you will need to top up your supplies.

    The achievements are much easier then in the first, instead of having to complete the game abillion times making friends with different NPC characters you can do them all in one playthrough by just completing each of their loyaltiy missions. And achievements for using powers on ememies can be done using the AI characters in your team, i got one achievement for setting people on fire while still trying to figure out how to move my player forward.

    In general this is a great game, and good fun to play, but wont having you coming back to play it through again and again. All achievements can be got in the first playthrough apart from maybe the one for completing it on Insain difficulty and there is one for completing it with an imported character from ME1 or ME2, so if you havent completed ME1 you will need a second playthrough for that one too. If you are a fan of ME then its a must buy!