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  1.  Best film for AGES! Clint does it again!


    Okay, you like Dirty Harry, you like Coogans bluff, you like the man with no name flicks?

    Buy this then. This is FAN-TASTIC and just as good as the above.

    Clint is electric as the moody, racist old Korean war veteren. Gran Torino may even be better than the above films because it is more psychological and clever with twists.

    A must-buy for any Clint Eastwood fan, or any movie fan in general.

  2.  Great Fun Road Movies.


    These movies take me back to when I watched them as a kid on Saturday afternoons (often with the swearing edited out). They are still entertaining to watch, and chock full of gags.

    Worth the money on its own for the 'Swamp Fever' guy. Add Dom DeLUISE as the Doc, and Junior with his stuck fly, and you are set.

    It is just a shame that number 3 is tat. The Godfather 3 of the bandit world.

    Still, well worth the dosh! East Bound and Down!

  3.  Great Bargain basement DVDs


    I bought a spindle of these a bit back and I have burnt over 50 DVDs and I have had no problems.

    13p per DVD works out at fantastic value. Just ordered another spindle.


  4.  A great flim! Another good 'off the radar' Wahlberg flick.


    I bought this for £2.99 because it is the cost of renting. I expected to buy it, watch it, be disappointed, then chew on the case a bit, then lob it out the window for joy and watch as small mice pick at the remains.

    But this is a damn good film. An action film with a bit of intelligence. It also highlights a lot of what was wrong at the time with the Bush administration. Maybe that is why it is off the radar?

    Danny Glover is also good, along with that bloke who got rode on Deliverence (Ned Beatty).

    Buy it!!!!!

  5.  Wow, really good....Apart from the ending


    Two great actors make up for a average script in this great little western remake. Bale is an awesome actor, and so is Crowe. Without them, it would not have been half the film.

    Bale has a sort of 'minimalist acting'. the kind Clint Eastwood employs. Dark and moody. Someone should take Mel Gibson to one side and tell him where he went wrong after Mad Max and Lethal Weapon 1. Put down the shovel Mel. Less is better. See the 'Machinist' for proof of this.

    Christian Bale is, in my opinion, one of Britains best ever contributions to Hollywood. And he show his weight on this film.

    Yuma is totally watchable, but like I mentioned above, it is let down a little by the ending. I can see what they were trying to do, kind of breaking with the whole 'normal western ending', but it doesn't add up in human behaviour.

    Still, one of the best westerns to be made in recent times.

  6.  Sadly, the weakest of the Dukes of Hazzard series.


    Still watchable, but with episodes involving robots acting as the sheriff and a flaming alien wandering about, you have to question the fact that the dukes writers were beginning to scrape about for stories after 6 seasons of high jinks.

    Also they used toy cars for some of the jumps to save money, putting the stuntmen on the dole. Everyone knew it was a toy car, and it looks rubbish.

    Still, there are plenty of General Lee moments at full tilt for the petrol heads. And Daisy Duke is still wearing those tiny cut off jeans.

    Still worth it for the price.

  7.  It is lucky Nikki Sixx is still alive!!!


    I got this book after reading 'The Dirt' (My favourite book of all time).

    I was not disappointed. You are drawn into Nikki's world, living with Motley crue at their most crazy. I enjoyed the fact that Nikki would show his diary entry, then his friends and bandmates would contribute their opinion on his entries. A great idea! Comments by his slightly odd mother Deana Richards also add to understanding why Nikki was like he was at times.

    All in all, a great book from the Girls, Girls, Girls era!

  8.  Fantastic. EVEN better than season 1.


    On the first episode of season 2, i was left feeling bombarded with new characters but when you learn who is who and what is going down, it is brilliant. Every thing is interwoven. The old fan favourite characters still exist, (such as mcnulty, bunk and omar), but they are joined by the dockers.

    Great new actors such as ziggy, frank and nick sobotka are introduced. Along with brother mouzone.

    In all, it is a must buy!

  9.  Top notch American TV series


    What is it with American TV shows? You watch them and you actually feel it is really happening, you get caught up in it all. This show is actually addictive, I had to keep slapping in the next disk.

    The wire is the top of the pile for me, up there with the Sopranos and the Shield. Fantastic acting from all involved. And that humourous 'banter' that British shows cannot replicate.

    I am off to buy season 2.

  10.  One of the best Car Chases in ANY film.


    The film on its own is worth 3 stars, 4 because of the late roy, but when a car chase fan reviews it like myself, i have to bang it up to 5 stars for the great action.

    I heard whispers of this film from american friends on the internet, so i got it via play from america. I was not disappointed.

    Forget movies like the angelina jolie remake of gone in 60 seconds, this is one of the best car chase movies ever put on film.

    Buy it if you are a petrolhead.