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  1.  Make a sequel!


    All the action and cheesy Dredd one liners you could ask for. I can only pray they make a sequel.

  2.  My 2p


    Personally I thought this was a great movie if you watch it for what it is. It is merely "inspired by" the books, it doesn't necessarily portray them. I find it saddening that people have to compare this debut from Goro Miyazaki to his fathers work. Goro is not (and probably doesn't want to be) just like his father and therefor his work will probably always be different. We must also bear in mind that this is just a debut and Goro is nowhere near as experienced as his father. Like I said, try to watch the film for what it is and try not to compare it to anything else, and then make your judgements.

  3.  Excellent


    Without a doubt the best 2.0 speakers you'll get with the exception of the new T40 model, excellent quality speakers.

  4.  Unhappy


    I've had this game for 2 days now and it has already hung my wii twice, I'm unable to reset or switch off from the power button leaving me to switch it off at the mains. Amongst losing all my saves and seemingly pointless hours playing, the game also seems to be filled with bugs - for example trying to pull of an interception is very difficult as the remote seems to think you are trying to tackle, lunging your defender forward and leaving you embarrased and very frustrated. Another problem I seem to be having is every so soften the screen appears very blurry for no apparent reason. I am a huge fan of the madden series and this edition has some great features, but it's hard to enjoy them when you can barely play the game.