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  1.  beautiful


    I have not found many films that will make me cry, but this film is so beautiful and touching that I cried through most of it! The story is sad yet comedic, and acted with true class and sensitivity- It isn't a typical chick-flick, and therefore is well worth spending 2 hours to watch!

  2.  Sultry, sexy super teasing!


    As a fan of the delightful Ms. Teese (Heather Renee Sweet!) and of the art of burlesque, I bought this book with the hope that it would offer a colourful insight into the world of Burlesque dancing. The book talks not only about Dita's idols, hopes and dreams whilst growing up and her rise to stardom, but it also discusses the history of burlesque- which is an absolutely charming addition to the book. The photos are beautiful (as one would expect from such a stunning lady!) and her hints and tips are delightfully helpful to aspiring burlesquers.

    Flip the book over, and you will find the Fetish section of the book- which is honest of her to include, as she started her career as a Fetish model. She talks about fetish at length- once again detailed with stunning photographs.

    This book has been completed with style, elegance, honesty, and humour- a must have for a fan of this lovely lady, and for those interested in the art of the tease.....5 stars out of 5 without a doubt.

  3.  Amazing! (Even the Hidden Track)


    This album proves why take that are the number 1 "boy band" in britain. It is the kind of album that any band could only dream of making, it is that good! The garden is the perfect opening track, and fans of the song "shine" will love "up all night." 'greatest day 'is the obvious choice for the best song on the album, but "how did it come to this" is equally as good- jason does the quirky lyrics justice- as it apparently hits out at the likes of amy winehouse and robbie williams.

    Listen out for the hidden track "she said" also....it's very different to the other tracks, but is one to put a smile on your face....as the rest of the album will do anyway!

    The must have album of 2008 and 2009....well done take that- this is your most perfect album ever!

  4.  delicious!


    Fabulous and easy vegan cooking at it's best- any ingredients that can't be found are easily adapted to suit your needs. Buy the first book to go with this, and a new and improved body will be yours! (I went from a size 18 to a 10 after about 6/7 months of following the books, but am now an 8!!!!)

    Good luck

  5.  Boosh 3 is a comedy triumph- eels up inside ya!


    Ok, so boosh series 3 has had some bad reviews---PLEASE dont be put off! series 3 is a comedy triumph. We hear more crimping, and more witty banter. We see more of the shamens- richard ayoade as Saboo, and Noel Fielding as Tony Harrison are fabulously funny! The Hitcher features in Episode 1: Eels, which had me in polo patterned stitches! In episode 3 we meet the flighty zeus and hear a fabulous 4 way crimp. I think the best episode of the series is number 5: Party- cast aside a slighty weird moment bewteen Howard and Vince, and enjoy the touching humour between the two.
    Ok, so maybe not as good as series 2, BUT, this is a fantastic watch none the less- If you are a major boosh fan, you are likely to enjoy!

  6.  Inspirational


    I love this book! Not only have I lost weight, but I feel great too. I highly recommend the Miso Fish soup, red lentil soup, mung bean stew, and the chickpea burgers- they are firm favourites in my house!

    The recipes are also easy to play with- I mean, add or take ingredients- as well as swap them (she explains it all in the beginnings of the book)

    Definitely buy this book if you would like an easy insight into healthy cooking.

  7.  Informative and Informed- an inspired way to health


    Having been an unhealthy woman for a good few years, I found myself overweight and in bad health. When I brought this book, I couldn't put it down once i started to read it. The book IS a lot to cope with, but the girls make sense. Veganism is a perfectly healthy way to live, and by doing so, I have dropped 4 dress sizes (was 18, now a 10) and feel sooo much better for spring cleaning my diet and way of life. Don't take the sarcastic comments in the book too seriously, and be open minded. If you can do this, then this is the diet/lifestyle book for you.

  8.  A true masterpiece


    This film mirrors the talent of it's director- beautifully shot, wonderfully performed, and is an amazing piece of film for those who appreciate the art of film.

    Stephen Fry is known as a master of comedy, of literature, and as a part of the British intelligentsia and this film truly celebrates all of his talent.